Kissing In A Thunderstorm

Reese Bradley and Cameron Saunders. They were childhood best friends, and were such good of friends that they even became related by blood; they pricked each other with rose thorns. But then it all changed. Cameron and his family left for Cebu City in the Philippines, Reese thought she'd never see her best friend again. But, after two years in a foreign country, the Saunder's moved back to Laketown. Everything had changed though, and not just with Reese's baby sister being born and her Dad moving out. Something had changed between Reese and Cameron. Their chemistry, it had evolved into something most people call romance.


2. Chapter 2

Cameron's POV




"Cameron, come on!"  Reese tells me. "It's easy."

"No it's not," I say. "I don't like needles."
"It's not a needle fool," Reese tells me. "It's a thorn."

"It will hurt," I explain.

"But we're SUBB's. Super Uber Best Buds. If we share the same blood, then we can be BBRF's. Best Blood Related Friends," Reese tells me. Personally, I think that SUBB's sounds better then BBRF's which to me reminds me of barf. But if I don't prick myself with this thorn she's going to think I'm a baby.

"Fine," I say. I grab the rose and push my finger into the thorn, it stings and hurts, but just as much as biting your tongue does. "Ouch," I say.

She pricks herself, and then presses her bleeding finger against my bleeding thumb. "There," she smiles. "Now we share the same blood."



Cameron's POV



I've been home for four days, and now that me and my family are caught up to the time change, and for the most part, rested up on sleep, the Braden's are inviting us over for dinner. Bonnie, Reese's Mom, Chailyn, and Reese. I love this neighborhood. The houses on the right side of the street are off the lake, and the left ones have dense, but beautiful forest behind them.  My old house, the one right next to Reese's, used to be on the lake, but now we're on the forest side.



Inside the Braden's house, Bonnie takes the dessert pan from my Dad's arms.

'What is it?" Bonnie asks.

My Dad shrugs. "I don't know. Penney made it."

Mom laughs. "It's apple crisp."

"Mmmm," Reese says stepping into the room, looking like a completely different person. I know the last time that I saw other then the airport four days ago, and yesterday when she brought over some basic groceries since my Mom hardly had any, was two years ago. We were twelve. She wore no makeup other then the occasional lip gloss, and her hair was always in a messy ponytail with a neon yellow hair tie. Her clothes were just comfy track like pants  or jeans and a solid color t-shirt from Walmart. She was a semi tom boy, she always has been. She liked to dress up in her moms heels, and paint her nails, and play dollies. But she also jumped into the lake with me, and helped dig in the mud all the way to China.  Now, she has on a purple and white sundress and her eyes definitely have makeup on, but it's really pretty and natural looking. The eye is just defined, I don't really know how to describe it because I'm a guy and don't know mascara from eyeliner, but she looks beautiful. Really beautiful.




After a summer dinner of steak, corn and mashed potatoes, me and Reese go to sit on the dock in her backyard. We just sit there, talking about I don't even know what as the sun sets. I dangle my feet into the cold refreshing water, and then splash some onto her.

"Hey!" She laughs, splashing me back.

"Hey yourself," I say giving her a bigger splash.

She giggles. "You don't have your cellphone do you?"

I shake my head. "No, why-"


The next thing I know she pushes me into the lake, fully clothes. I laugh.

"Oh my God. You did not just," I say.

She giggles.

I swim over to the dock and pull her in.

"You didn't have your phone, did you?" I ask.

"You got lucky this time," she says.

So I push her in.

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