Kissing In A Thunderstorm

Reese Bradley and Cameron Saunders. They were childhood best friends, and were such good of friends that they even became related by blood; they pricked each other with rose thorns. But then it all changed. Cameron and his family left for Cebu City in the Philippines, Reese thought she'd never see her best friend again. But, after two years in a foreign country, the Saunder's moved back to Laketown. Everything had changed though, and not just with Reese's baby sister being born and her Dad moving out. Something had changed between Reese and Cameron. Their chemistry, it had evolved into something most people call romance.


1. Chaper 1



Reese's POV




"Reese and Cameron!" My mom calls.  "It's time to take Cam home."

"But we're not one playing yet," I say. I don't want Cam to go home yet. We're having so much fun playing in the sandbox.

"Reese, his Mom just called. It's time for his dinner," Mom tells me.

Cameron stands up and shakes the sand off his pants. "By Reese. I better go eat dinner. After dinner do you want to come over to my house and have orange push pops?"

"Sure!" I smile. "Are they the good kind?"

"Yeah," Cameron says. "My Mom only gets the good kind."

I nod. "Okay. See you after dinner. Bye!"



Reese's POV



He's coming home today. Cameron. It's been two years since I last saw him. We were best friends as kids, living next door to each other. That changed two years ago, when we were twelve. His Dad's company relocated to Cebu City, in the Philippines. He went to go work there with his company, and now Cameron and his family are moving back here, to the USA. For good. His Dad got a new job, one that pays better here. And even though they sold their house next door, there's a house for sale down the street. So Cam and his family are moving in there.


Right now me and my Mom are at the airport picking him and his family up. They're supposed to step off the escalator any minute now. I wonder if I'll recognize him. Even though I've seen picture s on his Mom's Facebook, I don't know. I guess I'm just not quite sure what to say, it's a thirteen hour time difference from my state to Cebu. So I could hardly ever find time to talk. Plus, it's- oh my god! There he is!


'Penney!" My Mom exclaims, seeing Cam's mom.

"Bonnie!" Penney, smiles and rushes for a hug. My little sister who was born a year ago, just cries.

Penney has a huge grin on her face. "Is this little Chailyn?"

"Yep," Mom smiles. "Chailyn Rose Bradley."

"She's beautiful," Penney says.

"Hey," A teenage boy who must be Cameron says to me.

"Hey," I smile. I look up at him, he's gotten tall. He's the spitting image of Austin Mahone. But just with hair a little bit longer. God, when did he get so freaking cute? Oh. My. God. The boy I used to play hide and seek with is now cute. The Cameron that I knew, has changed completely in two years.


"How have you been?" Cam asks me with his hands in his pockets.

"Pretty good, how about you? How was Cebu?" I ask, showing him the way to our car so we can take them home.

"I've eaten a lot of squid," Cam says laughing. "How's Laketown been?"

"The same," I say.

As we climb into the back seat together, I can't help but laugh.

"What?" Cam asks.

"Nothing," I say. "You just look so different."
"So do you," he says sitting down.

"You've both changed a lot," says my Mom, overhearing our conversation.



As we roll through a stop sign, Cameron says; "So, now that the mood's lightened, and you don't have to answer if you don't want to.....what happened to your Dad?"

I sigh. "The day after my Mom told him she was pregnant with Chailyn, he packed up and left. Said he didn't want a kids anymore, and that he had already been meaning to leave for a while and this was the perfect time. He said that he's got himself a woman in Arizona."

"But what about you? He'd known for what, how old were you when he left?"
"Twelve," I reply.

"Right. He'd known you, and it seemed, loved you for twelve years. How could he just leave you?"

"'Cause he's not real," I answer. "He's not a real man. He never loved me or my Mom, his parents wanted him to be the perfect son. So he played along with it," I say. "He never loved me, he never loved my Mom, and he most certainly does not love Chailyn."


"I don't mean to be asking a million questions, but how could he play along with some joke for twelve years? Or longer then I suppose, as they were probably married for a bit before they had you."


I shrug. "I have no idea. Ask him."



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