Drugs, Sex, Violence. That was always my thing.
Until it got me here.....in jail


3. Reasons

Kale almost choked on his tongue "You what?!" He almost yelled

"careful vegetable boy.." I said.

"you were charged with murder?" He said in disbelief.

"Yes I was" I looked at him.

"Why?" He asked me

"He was abusing me.. I remember i could feel my eyes getting so swollen it was hard to see out of them." I sighed, "so I got a gun.. and of course i would have shot him in the head if it hadn't been for my shitty aim.. I shot him in the gut.. He died in hospital that night from internal injuries.."

Kale's jaw clenched.

"was there ever a time you were not a drug addict?" he asked me through the bars.

"Not really I had always been a rebel child even since i was toddler, I never liked rules.."

"Is it bad that I find that hot?" He asked another question.

"I think so..." I bit the inside of my cheeks, "i don't think mommy will be happy to know you have a crush on a murderer/junkie" I smirked.

"Well I have to go trouble maker.. Stay golden" He said then walked off.

i sat down on my bed. What if kale and I became an item.. I wonder what would happen, Maybe he could pull a few ropes and get me out of here.. i mean the boy was cute but he was to innocent, I needed a bad-boy that could impress me and not hold me down, I loved my rule breaking. when no one was holding you back to tend not to hold yourself back as well, then again I still knew right from wrong but the adrenaline and always being on edge was how I liked my life, i couldn't imagine following every ones rule, I saw police officer, teachers and other rule enforcers as people not rule enforcers. That meant that I didn't let anyone tell me what to do and if they did i wouldn't feel guilty not doing what they had told me to do. i mean yes jail isn't home but it isn't the cold concrete pathway in some ally way. 

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