Drugs, Sex, Violence. That was always my thing.
Until it got me here.....in jail


1. Ass-ley

I sat and watched as Kale came back inside after me, "Jane!" He called out as I walked past everyone. 

Every person in the room looked around for Jane but I silently smirked as he kept calling the false name.

I turned and looked at him, "My name is not Jane, I lied." I admitted as he looked at me puzzled.

I could tell everyone was watching, because the room was silent.

"You lied?' He said.

"No Sherlock i was telling the truth" I said in a sarcastic voice.

he sighed and pushed past me and left the room.

I sighed and closed my eyes for a second.

I opened them to see Ashley glaring at me.

"What are you looking at slut?' I asked coldly and then walked out.



I stood under the warm shower in the girls bathroom area. It was a long line of curtain close showers and mirrors on the other side. All the girls were showering so I decided i would as well.

"Oh my, God did you hear that tramp call me a Slut?' Ashley said over the running water to someone.

'Yes' and 'Yeah's came from every shower and I smirked.

"Tramp? thats the best name you could come up with?" I asked almost laughing. The bathroom went silent.

"Well is there a name for drug-dealing-abusive-boyfriend-murdering-people?" Ashley Replied.

I thought that was a secret.

When I was 14 I had a boyfriend that was two years older than me. he had beat the shit out of me one night and I grabbed a gun and shot him in the gut. He had serious injuries and died in hospital that night.

The bathroom was silent and I snuck out from behind my shower and walked over to Ashley's shower silently, everyone remained silent.

I walked up to Ashley's Shower and pulled the curtain back and grabbed her by her shampoo covered hair and slammed her into the ground, all the girls came out from there showers and stood stunned as I slapped and punched Ashley in the face.

Before I knew it a female guard was pulling me off Ashley who had blood all over her face and shampoo in her eyes.

I kept fighting and thrashing around in the guards arms, before I could breath a black bat was coming towards my face and I was out cold.

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