Drugs, Sex, Violence. That was always my thing.
Until it got me here.....in jail


2. Alone

After being knocked out by a prison guard. Your head hurts. And having a swollen black eye doesn't make anything better.

I was put in my cell and not let out for a week. In that time I sketched and sang a lot of songs.. Painted my nails and slept.

I sat on my bed and looked around through my left eye as my right one was closed and It hurt to open.

I heard footsteps and watched as Kale Walked up to lean in the door way of my room.

"Hey vegetable boy" I smirked.

He rolled his eyes and looked at me with disappointed eyes.

"You kinda look like my Mother" I smirked.

He held back his smile. But I could see the huge grin that he wanted to let go of, it was playing at the side of his mouth.

"You did a good job of bashing Ashley.." He said softly.

I raised my fist in a silent celebration.

"Well when I do things.. I do them well" I shrugged and looked up flattered by his comment.

"So what did she get broken nose? broken teeth?...please tell I broke something.." I said sitting and looking at him.

He chuckled, "Broken nose and you bruised her cheek.." He said

I laughed and held my hand out for a high five, which was ignored.

"It's not a good thing Ella.. You could be charged with abuse.." He sighed.

I shrugged, "I have been charged with murder.. Abuse isn't that bad..." I shrugged simply.



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