One Direction Imagines

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2. Surprise!!! (Niall for Alexis)

      Alexis P.O.V

I walk into my Flat to see my boyfriend Niall watching telly .Today is Mine and Niall's 2nd year annaverisery (sp) and i brought home some nandos."Hey babe."i say as im shutting the door."hey how was your day Princess "Good yours ??" Boring " awe why?" cause you werent there" awe well i got you some nandos"Yippi"he yells and gets up and starts to do some weired dance." ok tiger you wanna get the food ?" oh yeah " he grabs the food and place it on the dinning room table."hold on babe im goin to get a t-shirt"ok" Niall goes running up the stairs and then all of a sundden i hear a big bang.I go to the stairs and find Niall on the bottom of the stairs on his back groaning, I try holding the giggles"Niall babe are you ok hun?"he gets up."lets just forget the shirt , ok?"ha ha ok " Niall grabs my hand and leads me into the living space,he gets on one knee and pulls out a gray boxs,and looks into my Blue eyes and say"Alexis, today is are 2nd annavrisery and these 2 years seem like a life time you are the love of my life,Will you marry me?" i feel a warm salty tear go down my my cheek "yes !" i managed to say.he got up put the ring on my finger and kissed me ,me following his actions."Now how bout' we go eat " Shounds good " Niall takes my hand once more and brings me into the dinning room pulling out my chair.And then we ate and went to bed.

Hope you like it , sorry if i spelt stuff wrong.I TRIED to make it funny!!!~Harryis#1 

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