One Direction Imagines

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3. Home early?!? (Zayn for Tatiana)

Tatianas P.O.V

tomorrow my beloved boyfriend zayn malik is coming home from his 4 month tour to the USA. I cant wait weve skyped,called eachother,and texted but it wasnt the same i miss waking up to him , goin to sleep by his side ,and doin all those fun things.I toke a quick shower and got dressed today i was going to eleanor's, she told me she had to tell me something important .I got into my car and drove to els,which wasn t far.i pulled up in the drive way and knocked on the door

Els P.O.V

tomorrow the boys were soppose to come home but instead they are coming back today they already told me, and Danielle but not Tatiana, Zayn wanted to surprise her so they are gonna come here and surprise her.Me and danielle were waiting for Tatiana when we heard a knock, oh no i hope its Tatiana and not the boys cause they wanted to surprise her when shes here.

I opened the door ,it was Tatiana,Thank God!!! I let her in and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek followed by Danielle and said our hello.I brought Tatiana up stairs into my room."hey do you guys want anything?"I asked danielle and Tatiana

"sure ill have a water thank you " And ill have on too thanks" i went to go fetch there waters.I retured and gave them their waters and chatted .

Zayns P.O.V

We arrived a Els.Lou lead us to the back door and let us in with hi key,we droppped are lugage and quietly walked up the stairs to Els room  where she said they'll be and quietly entered without Tatiana seeing

Tatianas P.O.V

as we were talking i felt someone breathing on my neck, I turned around and met gaze with a pair of brown eyes.It was Zayn!! "Zayn!" i yelled and gave him a big hug and kiss."ello love " "hey, I thought you were coming home tomorrow " "I was but i wanted to come home Early and surprise you.You gave him another hug and talked about his tour.

Hoped you like it !!!! ~harryis#1

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