Sand, Sea and Subtitled movies:)

I will be writing a few of these i know it's not the best name but sort of made me giggle. Please comment what you think xx


3. Subtitled movies...:(


When we got back from the walk and dinner me and Niall went upstairs and put "The Proposal" on. Grrr it had subtitles so annoying. Anyway we were sat watching it and niall says out of the blue. "be my girlfriend"

"yes yes yes"

i leaped on top of him and we had a snog and a cuddle. After the film he leaded me into his kingsize bed and took of his shirt and jeans. Come on Lucy you can do this. I unzipped my top and slipped of my skirt and stepped towards the bed. I lay down and felt Niall's warm body against me and he whispers "lets do this"

He shoves it in me and for about 30 minutes we are in heaven. Then a bit of cuddling and snogging. He says "yes, your the best, thank you."

i nod and close my eyes. "Good night gorgeous"



Authors not: Sorry short chapter any ideas of improvements let me know and comment!!!:)X

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