Sand, Sea and Subtitled movies:)

I will be writing a few of these i know it's not the best name but sort of made me giggle. Please comment what you think xx


2. Sea and sunset's...<3


So I woke up and I felt lonely so went to lye with Niall, and we just sat there for about 20 minutes then he broke out with "I love you"

"what?" I gasped and started to laugh "your funny!"

"lets go to the beach today?"

"urm ok?"

we got ready and and got in the van of we set to the beach it was a lovely day and very sunny. When we got to the beach we set up put are towels down and got the picnic basket out. "swim?"

"yeah why not?"

we wondered down to the sea and  went for a dip. The water was chilly but Niall's warm body warmed me as he held me close. A huge wave crashed over us as i was struggling for breaths Niall cradled me in his arms " are you ok?" he asked sounding worried. 

*cough cough* "yeah I think haha"

he carried me back up to were we were set up and layed me down onto the towels. he sat and kept me warm as the cold breeze chilled me. "do you want a twister, your favorite?" 

"of course, you know me best" 

"Louis asked before we left if you, me, him and Eleanor should go out tonight double date?"

"urm double DATE?!" 

"well yeah..."

I wasn't sure what Niall was trying to say... "Niall what is this all about, saying you love me and arranging double dates?"

"Well i thought... we were together?"

"oh urm i dunno lets talk when we get back."

I went to the toilet to get ready not really knowing what had just happened, did my best friend hint he wanted to be with me?

When i got back he did his joey essex impression and i laughed so  hard it hurt my stomach. In the van on the way home Niall's favorite song came on. Miami 2 Ibiza we were singing along and laughing. He can always garentee a good time.


Well we did all go out in the evening we went to the cute beach bar and had dinner. After we went for a walk along the beach as the sunset was beautiful.

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