Sand, Sea and Subtitled movies:)

I will be writing a few of these i know it's not the best name but sort of made me giggle. Please comment what you think xx


1. Sand and Sun...<3



Me and Niall(My Best friend) went to the beach this evening and had fish and chips, then went for a walk one the sand. He bought me a vanilla ice-cream with a flake and sprinkles, my favorite. We walked to this bench and talked for about an hour just about stuff and memories like when we met and a few others. We stayed to watch the sun set and then we noticed it got dark all of a sudden so we ran back to the van. Louis(my brother) rang me from back at the house to ask where we were and i explained and told him everything.

"yeah it's nice to know all that but Eleanor is going to be here in 10 minutes so i need the van!" he shouted over the phone.

"ok ok."

We hurried back in the van listening to al Niall's number ones. singing all the way. When we got back and he helped me out the van I thanked him for everything for the last few months.

The last few months my life has got so much better, I moved in with the boys, Niall, Louis, Zayn, Harry and Liam. There such a laugh. I love them all so much they always make me happy and I'm always smiling. I love them like brothers.



Authors note: I will be writing more very soon. please comment what you think, Thanks x

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