As Simple As Tea(Harry styles fanfic)

a girl that went to a one direction signing for her friend but end up Harry styles spill tea all over her shirt?!?! will there be love?


1. the signing


     I woke up to my annoying alarm clock. I slapped my hand on the snooze button remembering that I had forgotten to turn off the alarm. “UGH!!!” I growled at the clock, which ready 10:30. I looked at my lonely 1D poster that was in the middle of my wall. My friend had made me put it on my wall because she said if I don’t she wouldn’t be my friend anymore, which was a lie but I put it on anyways. You see, I’m not a huge fan like my friend but I like their music. I rub my eyes as my phone started ringing. “Hello?” I asked  “ hey… *sniff*” its Ally” my friend Ally replied with a cracked voice. “ What’s wrong I replied as if I was really worried but I’m not cause there’s always something wrong with her, for example a boy broke her heart or oh I tor my muscle or even my car broke down. “Well you see my mom got me the signing wrist bands for the signing ticket and all of a sudden she said I can’t go….” She said in between her sniffs.              “ And…” I asked worriedly.  “ will… YOU GO PLZZ!!!!” she pleads “ NO!!” I shouted, I knew it I just knew it. “ plzz you’re my bestie and you don’t have school anymore “ “ and I don’t live with my mommy anymore” I teased. “ shut up” she hissed. “ plzz I only trust you and all you have to do is to get a video of them saying ‘I love you Ally’ to me. Plzzzzzz”   “Fine” I sigh. “ YES!!! Thank you!!! I love you!!!” she screamed. “ hahaha ok I love you too. When is it? “ I asked.  

“ oh its at 12:00”  “WHAT!!! It f***ing 11:00 right now” I yelled. “ ok love you bye have fun” she said before she hung up. I let oh an annoyed long sigh before getting up and running into the bathroom to take a shower. After I was all cleaned up I simply grabbed my whited flowy crop top with my blacked ripped skinny jeans and my combat boots.  I ran out the door and passed by Ally’s to get the wrist band. But to my surprise Ally had to leave because she had to take a test so she went all the way to school. Oh my Ally.   When I got there it was completely packed. The line felt like it stretched all the wayto china. So many little girls and even old women were here. I body shook in disgust of the moms that doesn’t seems to have brought their children. I played and texted on my phone which felt like ages had passed. I heard someone clearing his throat so I stupidly ask, “ do you need a cough drop?” I turned off my phone and put it in my pocket. “ No thank you love but thanks for asking” I heard a deep and almost sexy voiced replied. I look up and realized it was Harry Styles. “ oh sorry!!” I apologized. “ it’s ok” he said with a cute smiled that showed his cute dimples- wtf am I think?!?!  “ Umm the is for my friend Ally” I said taking out the book that she wanted them to sign. As Harry reached for the book he accidentally knocked over the tea that was placed at the edge of the table. Which, lucky for me if spilt all over my shirt. “I told you to put the cup more towards the center of the table!!!”

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