Royal love fight

Princess Roxie is 16, very young. She one day meets 5 handsome young men. She falls in love with one by the name" Zayn Malik". She can't even be friends with the people she can communicate with. But one day she meets 2 other princesses that change Everything.


12. Will he accept me?

Princess Danielle's P.O.V.

I ran out of the living room and grabbed Roxie's hand. I grabbed her into the bathroom and locked the door. What's going on she asked. ZAYN ASKED ME OUT!! MEANING HE LIKES YOU!!! I screamed to her. She jumped up and down and smiled.

Then she stopped and looked at me sadly. What's wrong? I thought you were happy... I said to her. It's just.. what if he kisses you? We'll have to switch back eventually.... She said. I nodded but when? I asked. 


Zayn's P.O.V.

I knew their secret. But why were they doing this... I had a plan and I would make them crack out of their shells and tell the truth.


Princess Roxie's P.O.V. 

I spent the rest of the day over there. I told Danielle to be romantic and cuddle with Zayn but Zayn really didn't feel like it. Instead he just stuck to the constant staring at me. I think he knew what was going on... After a while I checked the time and I realized it was 5:12. I was in my new room taking off my makeup. I hadn't seen the real Roxie Jenna Mason In days and I missed her. Just then there was a thump noise outside my window. I opened it to see what was going on but I saw nothing, I closed the window and continued with removing all the makeup. After I was done the door opened and there stood Zayn, I gasped and covered my face. He shut the door and walked towards me. Roxie.. I know its you, I really like you... Why are you hiding? Are you hiding from me? He asked. I shook my head no quietly. Please Roxie.. Tell me he requested. I sighed, My boyfriend.. You may know Prince Madden Lance Jr... He abuses me and he threatens me, one day I ran away and Stephanie befriended me so when i spent the day with her I met Danielle she thought I should stand up for myself but i was too afraid so she went to my house pretending to be me.. Now they're looking for me and I can't back down or let anyone know, I said finishing off, I sighed again and sat on the floor burying my face in my knees. I miss myself , I miss my life.. I just wish Madden was out of the picture. Zayn sat next to me and hugged me. I won't let anyone hurt you.. He whispered softly. I looked at him and looked back at the ground. He lifted my chin up and kissed me. I ran my fingers through his hair as we both stood up and he put his hands on my hips. Just then Danielle burst through the door.

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