Royal love fight

Princess Roxie is 16, very young. She one day meets 5 handsome young men. She falls in love with one by the name" Zayn Malik". She can't even be friends with the people she can communicate with. But one day she meets 2 other princesses that change Everything.


24. Wedding

Do you Roxie Jenna Mason take Zayn Jawaad Malik to be your lawfully wedded husband? I do.. I said smiling. And do you Zayn Jawaad Malik take Roxie Jenna Mason to be your lawfully wedded wife? Of course.. Zayn said staring into my eyes. You may kiss the bride... 

I leaned in and kissed him. All I could hear was fire works and clapping. We kissed for so long, Until Dani yelled. ROXIE JENNA MASON MALIK!!! The crowd went wild. I threw my flowers behind me to which Dani and Steph caught. They both began fighting over it until Liam pulled Dani and Niall pulled Steph. Harry sat there all glum and Louis was sitting with Princess Eleanor. I don't really know her but I can't wait to meet her. 

After we were done we walked down the aisle and into a carrige. 


I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you Roxie.. Zayn said smiling at me.

I smiled back, I cant wait either...

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