Royal love fight

Princess Roxie is 16, very young. She one day meets 5 handsome young men. She falls in love with one by the name" Zayn Malik". She can't even be friends with the people she can communicate with. But one day she meets 2 other princesses that change Everything.


22. Parent Meeting

Yeh lad.. He said leading me to another room. He showed me the ring, The diamond was HUGE. It's 42 carrats... Liam said smiling. I hugged him tight, Thank's lad!! He handed me the ring. I walked back into the living room where everyone was greeting Roxie from the hospital. I texted Stephanie and Dani's phones saying: Keep Rox company I'll be out for the day, Im gonna propose. After I was done I fled out the house.


*Next day*

Roxie's P.O.V.

I was so hungry, I made my way into the kitchen and I grabbed the last granola bar from the cupboard. Just as I was about to unwrap it and insert it into my mouth it was slapped out of my hand. I looked over to see Niall, Smiling his cute cheeky smile. I smiled back laughing, Why Niall? I asked as I lent down to pick it up off the floor. That's the last one!! Niall exclaimed. I rolled my eyes, Took a big bite and shoved the rest in Niall's mouth. Better? I asked. Yes.. He said as he tried to chew it down. I toasted a piece of brad and sat down on the couch with my phone. I called my mom.

Mom? I said finishing a bite. Roxie!! Honey are you alright!! I haven't seen you since- Mom... Im moving out.. Im gonna be 17 in 2 months.. I'm moving on with my life. I'll be over at 2:00. You can meet my boyfriend and I can get my stuff. After that I hung up quickly. I didn't want to except a fight, I sighed heavily. It was only 7:00. 

*7 Hours later*

Zayn walked through the door. We had already talked about the meeting with my parents. I put on a bright fluffy yellow dress and straightened my hair, some one my shoulders and my back. I put on some black and red short wedges and put a bow in my hair. Zayn had combed his hair up and worn something presentable. I thought he was adorable. As i walked down the stairs I could see Harry staring at me. He was so adorable but I had to keep my mind on my boyfriend. I took Zayn's arm and everyone wished us luck. We walked out the door and I could feel Harry's eyes on me telling me "Don't go". But I didn't listen I kept walking...

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