Royal love fight

Princess Roxie is 16, very young. She one day meets 5 handsome young men. She falls in love with one by the name" Zayn Malik". She can't even be friends with the people she can communicate with. But one day she meets 2 other princesses that change Everything.


19. He is my hero

Before I could call Stephanie my phone rang and It was Zayn. I grabbed my phone and answered. Hello? I said. Hey babe, I'll be there in 10 im just rehearsing the plan with the group.. He said. I smiled, Okay.. I love you.. I said with a sigh. I love you too babe, Later... I hung up. Looking at my face, Madden caused my nose to bleed a bit. I just wiped it and took a picture. I walked out of the bathroom where Sarah Jessica and Maria carried me downstairs where they pushed me into a limo.  I just sighed there, Looking at a ring Zayn had bought me the last time I saw him.. I took out my wallet and looked inside where there was a picture of Zayn and his family. God I wanted to meet them so much and I missed Zayn, I'm gonna stand up to my parents. I don't care I will live with Zayn for the rest of my life. I'm leaving this HELL HOLE. The Limo stopped and the driver looked back at me smiling cheekily. There stood harry in a tuxedo, Harry?! What are you doing? I asked laughing. He smiled, I just wanted to help you.. He said smiling. Zayn doesn't know I came.. It's not part of the plan. I nodded and hugged him thanks Hazza. By the way Miss Mason.. You look beautiful.. He said smiling. I blushed, Thanks Harry. He pulled over and helped me out, The view was beautiful.. I hurriedly ran into the dressing room where I began hearing everyone pile in. Just then Niall and Stephanie pooped out of the closet panting. I screamed then Niall covered my mouth. I pushed him off, THANKS! For what? Niall questioned. SCARING THE POOP OUTTA ME! I said sarcastacly. He smiled and I smiled back. 

Stephanie sat me down in front of the vanity set. Okay, Zayn will be here soon, As you saw when you walked in there was a big smart board and it is connected to Val's lap top so she and Liam will randomly show pictures and video's of you and Madden of when he abused you She said finishing. I smiled and Nodded. Great.. I just miss Zayn and his family. Just then the door began opening very slowly. Stephanie and Niall jumped back into the closet and my father walked in. He wrapped me around my arm and brought me down the aisle and over to Madden. There were about 2,000 or more people here that I barley knew. Madden stood there smirking and smiling, His black hair shined and his grey eyes darkened evily. I flinched as the man started talking. It seemed like forever and I was afraid Zayn wasn't coming. I realized Stephanie came into the audience along with Niall. I smiled, they always looked so cute together and they made me happy as always. 

Just then the man said "Are there any objections"? I looked around the room waiting for Zayn's appearance but nothing. I shed a tear, and wiped it away quickly to know that in less than 5 minutes i would finally be pronunced Roxie Jenna Lance. 

Okay, We shall move on.. The man continued. Before he could continue Zayn bursted through the door panting. Madden eyed him evily. 

STOP THE WEDDING! He screamed. Tears were rushing down my face like a waterfall. I grabbed my dress and hugged him to which the crowd gasp.

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