Royal love fight

Princess Roxie is 16, very young. She one day meets 5 handsome young men. She falls in love with one by the name" Zayn Malik". She can't even be friends with the people she can communicate with. But one day she meets 2 other princesses that change Everything.


1. Meeting Princess Roxie

Hello, I am Roxie Jenna Mason. I am sixteen years old and my father is a king. I cannot leave my house unless EVERYONE in the house knows and my house is HUGE. I live in a Mansion with more then 50 rooms!! I am dating a boy named Madden. He is a prince. His full name is Madden Lance Jr. I like him but we are just friends, plus my parents make me date him so I can make lots of money and popularity. Lance can be a jerk sometimes and I can't dump him which isn't fair because apparently I don't own myself. My parents do, and whenever I do something wrong in our relationship he blabs to my mother and I get in trouble. Some day i'mma knock him upside the head with my special golf club.


Hi, I'm Madden. I'm 17 and i am Roxie Jenna Mason's boyfriend. I don't love that loser and I never will. I just wanna get some money and get in her pants. I pretend to be her friend to make her feel comfortable. I can't wait to get my money and screw her and get it all over with.  

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