Yonder Shore

As I sit upon yonder shore...


1. Leaving behind the sea of our amour...

As I sit upon yonder shore,
And cradle my heart that tore
A figure sits beside me and weeps
For out is light and in dark seeps
He sits with regret of what he's done
Wishing he had just left me that day, in the sun,
For there was a time where my cheeks lit a smile
Until he came, full of his love and beguile
We were happy, hands intertwined
A foolish lover, I became blind...
Two blushing roses we became one
Through red poppy feilds together we'd run
Attempting to touch the sky
No matter if it was high
Together we would make it
Because we were two puzzle pieces with a perfect fit
It was love, such things I dream!
I should've seen the fragile seams
Our fabric sewn together broke
With the words that he spoke
I cried a million salty tears
With him I had entrusted my greatest fears
I became a burden of too much
He dissolved under my touch
Nothing really lasts forever
Funny, how I helped the knife sever
Yet I always seem to throw the blame
Upon another's pointless name
Through each other we learned loss
No longer will we allow our paths to cross
I bid goodbye on that yonder shore
Leaving behind the sea of our amour...
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