The librarian (13+)

Alicia is the only high school girl that didn't make it to college.All of her friends are either lawyers or doctors or technicians.But her.Now she's just the normal ordinary librarian that works around the corner.Nothing interesting happens there,only books,books,books,and books.Until one day,a handsome young man,enters the library,and looks straight into those brown/hazel eyes.Now she isn't normal.


1. The library.


Alicia's P.O.V


I seemed to be checking out books non-stop.Each second would only be checking out a book.Although it was my job,i didn't like it,i hated it.I could've been in college right now.Studying to be a doctor or a actor or something.But since my stupid whittle owe self wasn't smart enough to make the decision,i didn't make it.Now i was stuck in a library that seemed very famous,everyday the line would be long.The books were decreasing,but the income was increasing.I was still glad i made some money in this library,but not enough to buy my own house or something.I lived with my best friend.She was very nice and let me live with her whilst i would save up money.But i just didn't define the word."save up".I would go shopping right after my checks.I couldn't ever have at least 100$ in my bank account.Due to my shopping and wasting.

It was a very long day,and i only had 30 minutes left till i would leave.But as the time went,i saw that everyone had already had their shopping for books time,and now was the time for home or dinner.So i decided to ask the boss if i could leave early."hey can i leave now?i mean,no ones coming anymore,i doubt it"The boss had a smile on his face."no Ali,trust me,someone will walk in"she replied.I don't think so.I mean c'mon,it's snowing.All the time was in the morning,now you needed to be home and happily eating dinner.But that was the bad thing about my BFF,she always went out without me,So i wasn't really much of a best friend."ok"i groaned and just put my face on my palms.

Minutes passed and no one walked in."i guess i could leave NOW?"i asked again."fine leave,but someone will stop you." he  said with a smirk.Finally!I quickly grabbed my coat and purse,then i rushed to the door.But my keys fell so i had to turn back,suddenly i heard the front door open,a customer.Ben had read the future.How did he know i was going to have a customer?I turned around and face a brown haired young handsome boy,with snow on his hair and his coat.He looked like he was running.His cheeks were red tomato,and frozen smoke still came out his breath.He looked up to me and smiled,i returned it and went back to the front desk."told you!"Ben yelled from the bathroom.I rolled my eyes and chuckled,i guess he did see the future.

This boy walked aisle through aisle and i could see his face,it looked confused,so since it was part of my job,i had to ask him if he needed help.So i got out the front desk and went looking for him.I found him in the fantasy aisle.He was faced opposite of me,i didn't want ti be loud,so i practically tip-toed to his shoulder.I tapped it slightly and he quickly turned around."hi um,are you,eh,you need help?" i couldn't really spill out my words.He chuckled a little and showed me his book.It was The Dragonfly Pool.I loved that book,The main character went to school and,she didn't have to do anything,her imagination took over,and she was jew."oh no,i finally found it"he said with such sweet voice."well,you know,here you can't only check out 1 book,you can check out more than 3"i reminded him.He smiled at me,which made me smile back.

"I'm Louis,Louis Tomlinson."he said shaking my hand."I'm Alicia Parker"i said."well nice to meet you Alicia"he added with a big smile.I nodded."nice to meet you too louis"i added as well.For the reason we were alone in a very lonely aisle.i liked it,i really liked him,he seemed nice and he was cute."so you work here?"he asked."oh yeah,sadly yeah"i replied smiling mixed with a frown.He chuckled again."well....not really sadly because,if you didn't work here,i wouldn't have met you."he frowned.OMG i cannot believe he just said that."oh thank you"i replied with a smile."your welcome............and i think im ready to check out this book,i can come tomorrow,after today,i will probably come 24/7","really?and ok"i answered.WOW,then maybe we could become friends...........................maybe even have benefits.

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