one shot

Bailey,Isabella,Katie,and Ally all are going to england to vistit their family when, by suprise, they fall in love with the best guys they could ever meet and in fact the boys are the on and only Louis,Harry,Zayn,and Niall!


1. It all Begain

Bailey's Pov

OMG! I cant wait to see my besties again! Its been two years! Oh well, we are going to England to vist my grandma. She has fell very ill, we also got a two year scholorship to a great Music and Dance School! Oops, my flight leaves in less then an hour!

                                                       On The Plane

Bailey,Ally,Katie,and Isabella (izzy will also be used) finaly see eachother!

"OMG BAILEY, IZZY, KATIE!'' squelled Ally

"Dude its been what? Six, seven, years?"exclaimed Kaite

"Hey, Bailey whats wrong?" asked Izzy

"He broke up with me!" cried Bailey

All the girls sat down and talked about what happened. Five hours later!

''OMG ITS HUGE!" screamed all the girls.

They got settled in to their flat and watched X-Factor.

Bailey's Pov

OMG who is he? He is like super cute...... OMG ITS HARRY! when did he get that cute? Its Harry Styles, my childhood crush! We have been best friends since birth! I looked over at Izzy, Katie, and Ally they were all looking at me! Oh no I was thinking out loud again! ugh!

Izzy's Pov

Oh Bailey! she is still crushing on Hazz! Well I am still crushing on Louis, so i shouldnt be talking! Oh crap! I am doing the same thing as Bailey. Hehe......

Kaite's Pov

Zayn is mighty fine but I love niall. But what are the chances of me meeting him? Right?


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