The Past

Poems about times in history that intrigue me. Hope they are good. :D


1. Revolutionary

It's a war....don't you ever get sick?

Of how often the Redcoats march thinking they're slick.


But they're not, don't you know?

They're just marching for show.


It's all that King George asks them to do

Besides kill all our people both old and both new.


So why don't they stop their pointless crusade

And help the poor people-come to their aid!


For no one will live if you wipe them clean

Don't think it'll help you if you're always so mean.


So look in the mirror, and see your red coat.

If life is the ocean then you're a huge boat


So sure you're in charge

And you're also quite large


But does anyone like you besides your king?

Not I, nor you, can love any such thing.


I think we as people are often like warriors

Choosing which side we want to employ us.


And whether we choose for good or for evil

We'll either spin gold or we will weave ill


This is no matter to countries or people or race

I just want you to know, to feel and to taste


What are you doing to better the world?

When do you think was the last you have quarreled?


But that doesn't matter, what matters is caring

That is my idea- it's revolutionary.



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