sisters for life (1D)

Two twin sister Haley and Alyssa are fighting for there lives in a zombie Apocalypse. but when they go to a hotel and find one direction will they bring them or will they be left behind. Its sorta a love, horror, and Spence story read it will be really good


3. Playing dumb gets old

Haley's P.O.V

                          Me and my sister both sat on the couch in silence and we were trying not to laugh because its hard playing dumb. They all just stared at us. It got really awkward "so do you guys have any food?" I asked "yeah sure hold on" said the blonde one he was really cute but their was no time for romance because the last time I fell in love he got bite and I had to shoot him. It was horrible so I swore to myself to never fall in love again

              "so how did you girls end up here" said the curly haired one I will let my sister take care of this one because she knew her lines. "well we heard that there was a bunch of survivor camps and we got lost and came here" she said I was proud of her because she remember. "so what are your girls names?" the one with the tattoos asked we had to lie we don't like giving people our real names. "well I'm Dallas and she is Austin" I hesitated a little but not to much for them to notice. "when the blonde one came back with the food we scarfed it down in minutes now all we need to do is get the supplies and go. I don't think I want to take from them they seem like they are having a hard time any way so I went to talk to my sister in the bathroom. "Alyssa I don't think we can take from them they look like they need as much as they can get" I pleaded "Emily we need this stuff for us to live" "I don't know but since I'm the older one I think we should just leave" "fine but next time we get everything from the next person" "okay". we walked out the door  but all the boys were listening. Shit.




what did you guys think you need to tell me xoxo Haley :)   

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