sisters for life (1D)

Two twin sister Haley and Alyssa are fighting for there lives in a zombie Apocalypse. but when they go to a hotel and find one direction will they bring them or will they be left behind. Its sorta a love, horror, and Spence story read it will be really good


2. meeting One Direction

Haley's P.O.V

                          It was a very long day for me and Alyssa because we killed like hundred zombies an we almost got killed again. I thank my dad every night for keeping us alive. Its very hard to stay alive with barely any food its been like 5 days sense we have ate anything and we only have a inch of water left for both us to drink but we are still healthy because Its become a routine for us. first starve a little then go check out hotels, houses, restronts, and random buildings for vending machines.

               We found a hotel we really don't like going there because its all confusing and there will be a lot more surprises because there is a lot of rooms but Its the best place for food and rest. We started up the stairs only running in to one zombie I had to stab it because I would cause more attention if I used a gun and we didn't need that because we were both really tired and hungry. When I am tired and hungry I turn in to a bitch and when Alyssa is tired and hungry she is funny and annoying and that is why I'm a bitch because she gets annoying but I still love her.

            We always go in the middle of hotels so we are not to far from the ground and we have had to jump out because there were to many of them and because so we still have a ways to go up I don't know why but I like it more. When we got to the middle I could hear mumbling so I thought it was zombies so I went down to were I heard the noises from it was in a hotel room I grabbed my knife and slowly opened the door but when I opened all the way there were 5 guys standing there staring at us. "hello" I said "hi" they all said with worried faces probably because there were two little girls standing in the door way. That's also what me an my sister do we play dumb and act like we are scared and then grab the supplies we need and get out of there.

          " do you girls need a place to stay?" said one with a buzz cut. We both nodded and and acted shy but me and her knew what to do. "me and my big sister got lost and we didn't know were to go" said Alyssa and tears started forming in her eyes. She could do it so much better than I could I was jealous of her



so far so good do you think that they will keep up the act or will they get tired of it and snap? xoxo Haley :) 



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