sisters for life (1D)

Two twin sister Haley and Alyssa are fighting for there lives in a zombie Apocalypse. but when they go to a hotel and find one direction will they bring them or will they be left behind. Its sorta a love, horror, and Spence story read it will be really good


1. intro

Haley's P.O.V

                        Hi my name is Haley me and my sister Alyssa were living normal lives as twins we had a perfect family one with a happy mom and dad. that was until a zombie apocalypse hit then our mom died and our dad teached us how to survive well this was a year ago before my dad died to. He died because there was to many zombies and he saved our lives and I will never forget that day.

                 Me and my sister have blonde hair blue eyes and aren't big city girls we were born in a little town in Texas. We went on a boat to London because we heard it wasn't that bad and there were more survivor camps we are still working on getting there because the towns are in the middle of London. goody me and my sister are 14 but we were 13 when it happened. We have run into a few people but not for long because they either didn't want to go any were or they just slowed us down. It was been at least 4 months since we have seen a real person but that doesn't get to us because we have each other to look after. I'm the older one but only by 20 minutes but that's pretty far apart for twins. I am still the bigger sister and I have to look after her because I promised my dad that I would before he died. Me and Alyssa try not to think about it a lot but sometimes its hard and we just need to cry about it because we are humans and not zombies.

                  I had a boyfriend named Justin he was with us but one day he went to go get supplies and never came back I still don't know what happened to him and I wonder about it everyday me and my sister are all alone and always will be



What did you guys think I put a lot of thought in it what do you think should happen should Justin come back or will he be gone forever? who knows xoxo Haley :)

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