an awesome story to show your friends


1. advice





             first off i would like to ask you guys a few questions. have you ever been betrayed by your "best friend"? have you ever felt like a third wheel? do u ever feel that they are saying things behind your back? if you said yes to any of those questions then you should read my story.

       so if you dont know if your friend is a true friend or not ask yourself these questions,

           *does your friend act suspicious at all?   

           *do they try to avoid you?

           *do they hang out with other people more than you?

           * do they seem to lie or make up things all the time?

well if you said yes to any of these im sorry to say but more than likely your friend is not a good friend and wont be your friend for very long. (if you are wondering how i know this lets just say that i have learned this from experiance, but luckly i have finally found my best friend in the world! and i know we will be best friends for a very long time! this best friend is a girl named Amanda.

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