The New Kid

A new girl moves to a small village in New York state.



Weeks went by, we would got to the park after school and go to rollarama on weekends. C.J. became the captin of the foot ball team, and i became the captin of the cheer squad. We would take his little brother out to the park whenever we had free time. One day we walked to Stewarts to get icecream and me and him spent almost the whole day togheter. Then quarter two started, and we were at our lockers but C.J. was nowhere to be found. " Tommy, do you know where Chase is?" i asked him. " No." I opened my locker and found a rose with a note atached. 'will you be my girlfiend?' it read. " Tommy this was in my locker,and no one knows my combo, well no one but.........CHASE!!!" he was standing right be hind me. I spun around and screamed " YES YES YES, yes a million times!!!!" " I've been waiting for the perfect moment ever scince we almost kissed that day at rollarama." he said." I love you C.J."I said. Then i full on kissed him on the lips in front of the whole school. He kissed back and that made my day. " Can i tell her?"Chase asked Tommy." Not yet." Tommy said. When we came home from the park Brina and I both said to mom at the same time " I have a boyfriend!" " Sabrina, who is your boyfriend?" mom asked "TOMMY!" she happily shreeked.'Woah this is so wiered!!!' i thought."Ryan, who is your boyfriend?" mom asked me."Chase, he gave me this rose." I said.just then irecived a text from Angie,'hey,can we all go on a tripple date tomorrow? - Angie' "Yes." mom said, i hated when she read my texts.'Ya see you guys then!! - Ry' i replied two minutes later C.J. texted me' I'll pick you up at four tomorrow.  - Chase' 'Ok see you then.  - Ry'

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