The New Kid

A new girl moves to a small village in New York state.


10. Welcome Back

Chase was still out of school. still...stuck in that hospital bed, in a coma.

I cant help but feel that it was all my fault. Like I made it happen. But I mean at least i know that he truly loves me.

So i went to the hospital and sat in the waiting room when i herd the nurse yelp.

Then she came rushing out, "Hes awake! Scared the living daylights out of me!"

We all went in to his room and he looked at us.

"Ryan... are you okay? Tell me your okay."

"Im okay Chase, im here." I told him.

"Good. i uh..i feel fine,i think anything broken has healed already." He said.

"Yes your fine, you can go home at the end of the night." the nurse said already packing up his things so he'd be ready.

I went onto Facebook. Bad idea. but anyway, i went and posted that Chase was awake and hed be coming back to school. But i also saw a few posts from Rachel and Daisy. ' Shes so clumsy she walked into a road and got chase hit!' and 'Why did she cry over him? hell just dump her anyway, he alwasy dumps any girl he dates!' things like that. It was getting on my nerves, knowing it was all untrue. all just, lies.


The next day we went back to school with Chase. In the time hed been gone Gabby Iwan had moved to the town. Sadly her family didnt want to wait. Shes the exact reason why i left Mohonasen in the first place. With Chase back i wasnt all gloomy in my classes even if Gabby was there. Alot of the time id pay all of my atention to him  and make  sure he was ok.

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