The New Kid

A new girl moves to a small village in New York state.


5. The weekend

All six of us hung out at the park until five o'clock. Sabrina gave them all her number and they gave her theirs. Later C.J. texted me ' Can you come to rollarama with us tomorrow? - Chase' " Mom can i go to rollarama tomorrow?" i yelled up to her. mom is a work from home buissness lady." Yes sweatie!" she responded. ' Ya see you tomorrow - Ry' Then next morning I put on a white skort and a white zebra striped shirt, that was partialy see through,and a turqouise tank top. I put on the same makeup i had on yesterday. Chase's mom drove us, and the song little talks by monsters to men came on. I started singing, and Chase said," You realy like singing dont you?" "Yup." i said then i kept singing, "well tell her i miss our little talks," the song had just ended when we pulled up to rollarama. " I'll pick you up at four." I looked at my phone to check the thtime it was twelve o'clock. We went in and got some skates and started skating. I fell when we first got them on. Chase lent me his hand to help me up. When i was stading again, we started to lean in, then he broke the scilence and said,"we should probobly go skate now." "Ya." i responded. After roller skating we got some food, and hung out for the last half hour. When his mom picked us up, she told us that all five of our familys were going to dinner at a place called Carm's. The next day i put on my cute pink ,orange and white floral dress. I put on blush, mascara and pink eye shadow. At the resturant we all sat at on end of the table, the adultssat at the other end, and the little kids sat in the middle.I sat next to C.J. and Angie, and my sister sat across from me, Tommy sat across from C.J., and Wayne sat across from Angie.

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