The New Kid

A new girl moves to a small village in New York state.


2. The other half of the day

One thing before, i continue the story i was never popular at my old school i always used to get bullied by every one, and know i feel awsome. Anyways, At lunch i sat with Tommy, C.J., Wayne, Angelica, and two of their other friends, Ralph Carter and Isaiah James. A few wanna be populars, Daisy Palmore and Rachel Sophia, tried taking to us but Ralph yelled at them to go away. Two boys, Edward Evercrest and Artie Jae, tired talking to me but C.J. told them of too. After lunch i had P.E., and we had to get into groups of three to learn how to pass a basketball. I was , obviously, with Tommy and C.J.! Tommy playes basketball so we got the highest score of the class. Next we had math. Our math table was all of the populars, well five of them. Wayne, Angelica, Tommy , Chase, and me. Ralph and Isaiah were in our class to but they had to sit with Daisy and Rachel. It was the first day of school and i was already popular. Our eighth period class was a study hall. Again we got to choose where we sat, and i sat next to Chase and Angelica. Tommy sat behind me. We had social studies last period and it was in the same room as our home room. Tommy, Chase, Angelica, Wayne, and I sat in the back left corner. The teacher was soo nice! Chase asked me " Hey Ry, where do you live?" " Ten chesnut drive." i told him. " Really because  i live at twelve chesnut drive, and Tommy lives at number eight and across the street Angelica lives at number nine, and Wayne is number eleven." He said kind of loud, causing the whole class to stare at us. " Guys," he said to Wayne Tommy and Angelica." Ryan is the new neighbor!" At our lockers Chase asked me to walk home with them it only took ten minutes, and the bus takes half an hour. I texted my mom, using my new iphone 5, that me and some friends we going to walk home.' kk sweetie pie - love mom' i read the text.

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