The New Kid

A new girl moves to a small village in New York state.


8. the date.the road.and the big bad ?dad?

We walked inside and sat at the table. We ordered am ate. we talked about the hate and all of the popularity. Wayne said on face book a girl from mohon named Gabby Iwan, said she knew me and was coming to scotia next year."Not her." Sabrina said. "Wait, was she one of the bullies?" Wayne asked. "yup." i said.when we went out sidewaynes dad was on the other side of the street. Angie,Wayne,Tommy,and Brina crossed first. Chase had to get his house key that he left at the table. So i waited. When he cam ack  started to cross theroad when i hear four people sream at once. "NOOOO!" then Chase pushed me out of the way of a car tha came zipping around the corner. Angie got a pic of the driver before he drove away quickly. We called 911 and waited. Chase was lying motionless on the cold dark pavement. my world was spinning every where. the paramedics arived and took Chase to the hospital. We all looked at angies picture and it was Chase's dad. His dad that was suposedly in prison untill he died.

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