The New Kid

A new girl moves to a small village in New York state.


7. Facing FaceBook

I had two hours to get ready for the date. I put on an exteamly cute flowy dress and pink heels. i put on a white sweater and some make up. i checked my facebook cause i still had half an hour. Not good. I got lots of hate, pure HATE. Daisy and Rachel and a bunch of othere people like Lauren Hosner and Ana Delia, wrote some very mean comments. One was like, Why did he ask you out he obviously likes me more! That was from Daisy. Rachel said, EWWWWWWWWW that must've been a dare no one can like you. There were Five nice comments defending me. Angie said, What did she do to you. Wayne said, Leave her alone we all like her. Tommy said, Oh shut up you are all jelly. Sarina said,My sister is nice now leave her and us alone. Chase said the nicest thing, I LOVE HER NOT ANY OF YOU NOW SHUT YOUR TRAPS!! Others then commented, You are her only friends she needs friends. And others like , shes just ugly and fat. When i read that i started to cry. then the doorbell rang it was already four o'clock. " Whats wrong Ry?" Chase asked me. " Face..... Book....... Bulies....... Bad memories." i managed to say between sobs. " This is bad, very bad." Just then Tommy came over and said," Is Sabrina rea...are you ok ry Did you look at your face book?" " Ya" i mummbled then Sabrina came downstairs and Wayne and Angie showed up. i had already calmed down and fixed my makeup. " We ready?" I asked every one." Ya" they all replied. We got in Tommy's mom's car and started driving. Then, 'Feel  this moment' by Pitbull and Cristina Aguilera came on the radio. " Aks for money and get advice, ask for advice get money twice, I'm from the dirty, but that Chico nice, y'all call it amoment i call it life." the boys sang." one day when the light is glowing i'll be in my castle golden, but untill the gates are open i just wanna feel this momment." us girls sang. we sang the rest of the song and then the car stopped at Carms. We got out and Tommy's Mom said" Waynes dad wil pick you guys up at Seven.

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