The New Kid

A new girl moves to a small village in New York state.


4. B day

It was 6:50 when i woke up. I had ten minutes to get ready for school. I put on my tank top and shorts. I pulled on my hooodie and converse, and went into my bathroom. I put on my make up, a little blush , maskara, and light blue eye shadow. I went to see what my sis was doing. She had a short pink skirt on, and a pink and green Aero top. " Are you going to wear make up Sabrina?"i asked her. " Only a little." she replied. " Ok be ready in five." i said running downstair to eat my breakfast. I ate an apple and packed my lunch. I grabbed my bag and Sabrina grabed hers.  She was on the other team so i couldn't help her find her classes. We all met at angie's house. I introduced Sabrina to the guys and Angelica. " Hi im Tommy this is, Chase, Angelica and Wayne." "Hi!" she responded. " you can call me C.J."Chase said. " You guys can call me Brina." she told them. " Oh and you can call me Angie." Angelica said. We walked into the school and we went to our lockers. Sabrinas was next to Tommys and Angies, and next to Angie was Wayne. We told Brina to meet us at lunch. We had home room, science, and to day secon period was Corus. I couldn't wait to see Tommy and C.J. sing. We then had spanish and then English. We found Brina at lunch and she was crying. " Brina whats wrong?" Tommy asked her. " Sandra Santen was so mean." " Its ok she's just a wanna be popular." Wayne said. We had Tech next instead of P.E. Then we had math, and then study hall again. Then we had social studies and we didnt have any home work. I finished English and my Math in study hall. I texted mom and said we were going to the park right after school.

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