The New Kid

A new girl moves to a small village in New York state.


3. After school

We talked about my family the whole way home. I told them about my older brother, Steven, who is in college. I told them how my parents,are devorced and how Steven is basicly my father. Then I told them about my identical twin sister,Sabrina. I hadn't wanted to tell them this but i did." We used to be bullied and picked on we wern't popular, im just so glad you guys are my frineds, and you will love Sabrina, she's just like me in almost every way." Then I gave them all my number and they all gave theirs. As soon as i finnished my homework i got a text from Chase 'Can we meet at the park at the end of the street in ten minutes?  - Chase' "Mom can i go to the park down the street?" i yelled to my mom."Yes, just be home before six thirty." She called back. I checked the time 3:15, 'good i have three hours' i thought. 'Ya, be there in ten. -Ry' i replied to C.J.  Ten minutes later me and C.J. were siting on a park bench waching little kids run around. "That one is my little brother." he said pointing to a little boy sliding down...well a slide. ' he's so cute, like you' i thought but i said "he's so cute." " So what does the 'J' in C.J. stand for?" i asked curiosly." My middle name, its Jack." he responded." Cool my middle name is Megan."  I said "Nice name." he said." Well we better go its getting late." he said, and he got his little brother and left. I was going to stay until six fifteen and right then it was only 5:15. I decided to text Tommy. 'What you doing?  -Ry' one minute later,'Basketball practice - Tommy'. I then decided to text Angelica the same thing. ' Walking arround town with Wayne  - Angie'When i read it i laughed everyone had a nick name except Wayne. I finaly went home after  half an hour. It was only six o'clock so i picked out my clothes for tomorrow. A cute pair of jean shorts, a pink tank top, a One direction hoodie, and my turqouise converse.

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