The New Kid

A new girl moves to a small village in New York state.


1. New everything

I walk down the hall to my homeroom with Mr.Elliott. Its the first day of eighth grade, and im on team Shamrocks. Everyone on this team was on it last year too. Everyone except me, i just moved to Scotia last week. I dont know anyone here. I find my seat in the front row next to a boy named Chase Rodney,and a boy named Tommy Mason. " My name's Chase but you can call me C.J." a tall boy with a buzz cut, said. " And i'm Tommy." a taller boy with short brown hair and contacts, said."Hi, i'm Ryan, but my friends call me.......well they used to call me Ry." i said."Well Ry, lets see your schedual and see what classes we have together." C.J. said taking my schedual. "Tommy, she has all the same classes as us." C.J. said. " Cool, we can show you where all the classes are, although you might want to stop at your locker first." Tommy said. "Ok guys let go to my locker then." i said, when the bell rang. To my suprise their lockers where on either side of mine. " This is so cool." i said  "whats next, being sceince partners with one of you?" I just happened to guess correctly because in our first period sceince class we all sat together. " At the first desk, Chase, Ryan Neal, and at the desk Tommy." the teacher said. " I guess you were right Ry, only thing is your science partners with both of us." Chase said looking extreamly happy. The next class we had was a changing one, because at this school there were A days and B days. We had art today.the teacher let us choose the seats we sat in. I of cource sat with Chase and Tommy. One of there friends, Wayne Tagg, sat with us. " Hi im Ryan." i said to him."im Wayne." he said. Next we had spanish class and i sat next to the boys again. Our last class before lunch was English. The teacher put the boy both in seperate front corners of the room. I sat in the back next to Wayne's girlfriend, Angelica Breeze. She was in my homeroom, sceince and spanish too! She said " When i first moved here i was friends with those boy too, then i became so popular i beat out Lauren Hosner and look where she is now, she best friends with Ana Delia." " So do you want to sit with Wayne, Tommy, C.J., and I at lunch?" She asked. " Sure." I said.

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