Shadow of a Legend

I wrote this short story based on many dreams and random thoughts I had. (not including the preface). What if you were born to be something that you didn't know was possible? What if you were the Legend of all tales before you? falling in love is different when he is a vampire and she is an angel. which creates a magical world between them.


1. Preface

I awoke to a sharp and intense pain. “Father” I called, the blurry vision of the night became clear. I noticed that I was tied down to my bed. The rope tugs tightly on my skin as it burns deeply into my skin and I look up at my father. My father smiled at me but not the kind of smile that I’m used to.

“Don’t worry baby you will enjoy this” his lips touch mine and I scream in fear. Father’s eyes were the shade of a clear brown and for the first time in a while they shined, more with passion then the fatherly love that I knew of.

“Why” I ask him as he slowly took my clothes off. He started with my shirt one button at a time. He kissed my chest as he undid each button. He places an old wet cloth into my mouth so I could no longer speak.


            My father’s body was already naked and suddenly I was afraid. He unzips my pants and he slowly took them off. I was left in my bra and in my underwear. Before I could think they were off too. I close my eyes knowing what is to come. I felt his body move on top of me, his warmth felt so wrong to me. Tears ran down my face as I struggled helplessly. He was raping me! And I’m his daughter.


            He was stronger than I am. His body moves painfully on me. It went by fast but felt like forever to me. He finally untied my arms and legs and he left my room. I took out the cloth from my mouth and cried out in pain. I notice blood on the sheets and I had never felt more alone then at that moment. I rush to my bathroom and open my closet. My body shakes as I dress as the pain echo’s through my body leaving nothing but hope and scares. I took my phone off the charger and called the last person I’d be likely talk to. My mother.


            “Hello” her voice answered, pure and cold.

“Mom” I cried my voice weak.

“What is it” she asks her voice hard and the hint of boredom.

“Father raped me” I whisper my voice so alone. And I heard my mother whisper ‘Oh God’ before she hangs up. I drop my phone and cried not sure what the future held for me. Not sure what’s going to happen in my world now. I felt a sharp pain in my heart as it broke into a million pieces.

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