Shadow of a Legend

I wrote this short story based on many dreams and random thoughts I had. (not including the preface). What if you were born to be something that you didn't know was possible? What if you were the Legend of all tales before you? falling in love is different when he is a vampire and she is an angel. which creates a magical world between them.


8. Chapter 7

The next few days were living hell. My dreams became more vivid and began to freak me out. My mother began to avoid me like she was ashamed to be my mother and of course the most dramatic thing was Laura kicking me out of her table at lunch. But I could care less I had a table. I meet most of Mason’s family at school. Lauren was a tall burnet. Her eyes were a lighter shade of brown like a caramel color. She’s kind and caring and already one of my best friends. Colby has blonde hair the length about to his ears. He was built but not as much as Mason but close and still God like. Case was the same only with shorter hair. Mason was gloating about my singing voice. “Oh God Emma you need to sing for us please” I smile at her.

“Of course” I whisper not eating my food.         

“Why aren’t you eating” Ariel spoke her voice soft.

 “I have no idea why I’m not hungry” I got up and threw out my food and sat down ready to sing. “Okay now I’ll sing” they all stop talking.


            “It’s called As I Knew You. Golden whispers / in thoughts of wrong / from right / how I wish / I could see your point of view / if you only knew what you mean to me / I’m sorry of / all the things that wasn’t right / please stay true to me as I knew you” as I was singing everyone in the lunch room stop whatever they were doing to hear me sing. “How could I ever be so wrong / mean / upset / I most of all I hurt you / I hurt myself too / why couldn’t I see who means the most to me / as I knew you” all around me was on awe. Like I was Goddess or an angel or something like that.


            “I’ll leave you be / if you wish / as the trees are green / they will always bloom / my heart is full of sadness / I’m sorry of the things I said / but it’s never okay / I’ll just say / I need you / to be there for me / if I could do that for you / I’ll try” by now people were taking photo’s and video’s of me. “How could I ever be so wrong / mean / upset / I most of all I hurt you / I hurt myself too / why couldn’t I see who means the most to me / as I knew you / why can’t I be / the person/ I knew / as I knew you” I finished and everyone cheered. All but Laura.   


            She stood up and went to my table. “Oh my God really are you that stupid Emma your voice sounds like a bullet to my ears” every one booed her. “Oh you evil bitch get lost and get out of my life” I rolled my eyes.

“Laura I think it was freak you were trying to say the other day not geek” she turns a deep red like I was slowly beating her down. “Oh and Laura I didn’t come here to fight with you. If you really hate me that you want to ruin my life only show’s how stupid and jealous you are of me” people laugh at her. “And ruing people’s life’s to be cool only shows how despite you really are and those lies shows how rude you are” I felt her hand slap my face.

“I hate you Emma” she runs off.


            I sat back down into my seat. “Emma are you okay” Mason’s voice gently ask me. I pushed all my thoughts away and cleared my throat. I touch my stinging face.

 “Damn it she hit me” my face was burning. I wince and already place my hand on my face. Wishing everything is okay. “Get me out of here” I whisper my voice heartbroken.

 “Of course” he helps me up and we walk through the halls and went to my locker. I open it up and look at my cheek in the mirror. It was red and began to swell. I gently put my hand on it.

            My hand turns pure white glowing as the snow light by the moon. Slowly my pain fades away. “Oh my God” I whisper my eyes wide. I felt like a lost child only I knew I was one. And I also knew I’m lost. “Can you came over tonight please I need to figure out what’s up with me” he pulled me into his arms. He held me close that his scent rush over me.

 “Shh of course” his voice calming and sweet. “I have few books that I will bring over” his voice honors me.


            “Thank you” his eyes so wonderful, so beautiful my heart skip a beat and he laughs. “Really Emma” I blush and smiled.

“Sorry” I closed my locker.

“You two, why are you in the halls” a teacher ask me.

“Forgot my lunch sorry” I whisper.

“Really child, your Emma right” he asks his face lights up.

“I am” he smiles gently at me.

“Very nice to meet you I’m Mr. Shea” the bell rings. “See you around” Mason leads me to class and I saw Laura waiting for me.

 “Emma” she spoke and before I could answer she punch me in the face.


            I didn’t move as emotions flare into my body. “Laura” the teacher was at my side. “Go to the principle office now” she touches my face. “Sorry Emma are you alright” I nod at her my hand touches my cheek healing it once again.

“Freak, Freak” the class chants and I laughed.

“I am a freak but I’m proud to be” the class stared at me. The first bell rings.

“Emma that’s amazing” the teacher spoke.


            The last bell rings to warn the students to be in class. Class begins and I feel Mason beside me. I could feel his pride raiding of him. My mind wonders and I knew I wanted to go home. I stare at my hands. My mind began to feel dizzy and for a moment I didn’t know why. The vision of the classroom faded. I heard a gunshot and I felt my body jump. I heard screams and most of all I saw death. I turned around and saw a guy painting a gun at me. I screamed on top of my lungs. I forced my eyes shut hoping it would end.


            “Emma baby Shh” I heard Mason’s voice. I open my eyes and I realized I was on the ground surrounded by my classmates. I was panting as tears ran down my face.

“There’s going to be a lockdown, a shooting” Mason helps me sit up my head spinning.

“Emma what can I do” the teacher ask.

 “Lock the door and block it” just then we hear a voice on the speaker.

“At this time we are under a red lockdown” my body shivers like crazy. The class began to cry but listen to me. Mason put his gray Hollister sweatshirt around me. I look outside at the snow. I stare at the snow as it falls.  


            A minute or two passed and I heard a scream that made me jump. I closed my eyes knowing what’s next. A gunshot shoots a second later. I back myself from the class as their emotions pound against me. My head pounds and the room spin in circles. “Open the window and get out now” I whisper to them. They listen and I smelled burning flesh for some reason I felt like I smelled it before. Almost like I lived this before maybe I did?

            I heard pounding at the door. “Hurry” I called to them. I went to the door pushing against the other person. Mason watch as all the students left and closed the window pretending like nothing had happen. I lost my grip and the door flew open hitting me in the face. I flew backwards into Mason’s arms. He held me up like a God. I saw the man just like my vision he held a gun at me and I closed my eyes. I moan softly and when I felt a cold chill I open my eyes. We were outside in the cold, in the snow.


            Mason puts me down under a tree. I felt faint and I put my head on Mason’s shoulder. “Oh my is she alright” Becca asks. I forgot she was in this class. My eyes closed and down fell on top of us.

“She’s fine, a little dizzy but she’ll be fine” Mason spoke gently.

 “Why won’t she open her eyes” I didn’t want to open them. I didn’t want to smell death. I didn’t want to be a part of this.

 “Speak softly to her” Mason spoke and I buried my head further into his shoulder. “Shh Emma it’s alright love open your eyes please” he gently spoke. I open my eyes only for him. Only his words could calm me through the pool of emotions that I was feeling. The snow was feathery soft as it felt. I notice a police officer walking towards us. No matter how close he got to us it felt further away.


            “Ma’am are you and your class alright” the voice of the officer made me look away. “Thanks to our student, Emma she’s the one who saved us” I felt the class looking at me. My breath came out in gasps as I feel my body becoming ice cold. Strangely I found my voice. “Science hall in Mr. Shea’s room, don’t ask just go” I whisper my voice sounded as weak as I felt. I placed my head in my hands breathing hard and quickly as the visions and the dizziness made it hard for me to see. Then for some reason I couldn’t breathe and I knew I was going to die. “Mason I can’t breathe” I pant trying to inhale the last breaths of my life.


            Mason was sharp to his decision. “Someone give her some water before she passes out” his voice warns the class. The teacher hands Mason a bottle and he opens it for me and held it for me as I drank it. The plainness of the liquid has never tasted so heavenly to me. I could breathe again. The water ease away some of the dizziness.

 “Thanks” I whispered feeling a little better. The smell of burning flesh becomes stronger and unbearable to me. It burns my eyes and my nose.


            I felt my phone beep and I took it out and look at it. “Emma are you okay” she paused. “Fine” I answered which was a lie.

 “Baby I have to fly out to L.A. for a photo shoot I’ll be back Wednesday bye” she hangs up. I cough unable to stand the smell anymore.

“What’s that smell” a girl asks. I think her name is Mary.

“Burning, human flesh” I spoke looking back at Mason. “Need a ride home” I whisper to him. He nods gently and picks me up. While I was on the phone the paramedics arrived to see me. Mason held my hand and after he drove me home.

“See you tonight” I whispered to him.

“Until then my sweet Emma” and I went inside to rest.         

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