Shadow of a Legend

I wrote this short story based on many dreams and random thoughts I had. (not including the preface). What if you were born to be something that you didn't know was possible? What if you were the Legend of all tales before you? falling in love is different when he is a vampire and she is an angel. which creates a magical world between them.


7. Chapter 6

At my locker I watch as Mason walks over to me. “Why did you pick vampires” he asks smiling at me. Something about him was off, like he was showing me a piece of a puzzle like he was the missing piece.

 “I’m not sure it was calling me, how about you and Angel’s” I gently ask him. I notice his brown eyes were now black. More like a midnight shade of black. Even as they were still beautiful my mind focus on what clue he’s trying to give me.

“They sounded cool to me” I look away.

“Your eyes were brown, like golden brown it’s now black” I pause looking back at him. I could no longer hold back my words.


            Then it hit me I didn’t know why I didn’t notice it before. I could see it so clear in my head I saw the puzzle being solved as the missing piece was placed in the puzzle. He was a vampire. “You’re a vampire aren’t you” my voice whispers to low for anyone to hear.

“Don’t tell anyone, just don’t say a word” he looks around panic rushed into his eyes. “Stop Mason I won’t tell anyone” I took his hand. The thought of holding his hand felt so perfect, so real and so right in all ways possible. It was perfect. “You know my secret and now I know one of yours” I drop his hand unwillingly. I took out a book.

“What’s this” he asks his hand gently touch the book.

“For your project of course” I closed my locker.

“Thanks” and he put it in his bag. “I have to go see you later Emma” I watch as he leave. Each time he leaves he leaves me heartbroken. He leaves me nothing more than wonderstruck. It was a new kind of rush but this type was rare and forbidden. But it was my life now and I would never change it, not now or ever.


            Laura walks up to me. Her mood flaring between jealous and angry.“Are you and Mason dating” she demands her voice bossy and bitchy all wrap up into one. I look at her my mind trying to remove her.

“No why” I asked her.

“I saw the way you two talk to each other and I just saw you two holding hands” I shrug at her even though I wished we held hands for real.

“No were not dating I mean come on it’s my second day here” she rolled her eyes. I want him but it’s so new here, all this is new to me.

“Whatever Emma” she looks around. Clearly she didn’t get the drama she wanted.


            “Let’s get to drama” I offered her and we walk down the hallway in silent’s. We turned down the music hallway. I enter the room. There was a drum set, guitars, a piano and even a small stage. I notice Mason was in the class and I went to sit next to him. “Welcome class I’m proud to welcome Emma to this class” I smile blushing and the class says welcome to me.


            “So we’re doing a play and I need people to try out so who would like to go first” I raised my hand with no hesitation. “Emma please come up and sing what’s on this sheet” I nod and he walks to the piano and I walked up. I look down at the sheet.

“Well I’m Emma and I’ll be singing ‘Time After Time’ I said to the class.

“Like she can sing” Laura whispers and giggles to a girl next to her. I was more than ready to prove her wrong.

            When I sang I felt like I own the song. I was the song. I never felt more alive singing and doing what I love to do, what I was meant to do. The song was already so beautiful but I hit the notes so perfect and even better then the composer tends to do. I already know my voice was so angel like the best in the world. So rare and so unique that no matter what I sang it would be nothing but perfect. It was magical, simple as that. I finished and realized the class all of them were staring at me. They all clap and cheered. All but Laura, no she rolled her eyes. “Thank you Emma” I see a smile on his face. I head back and watch him filled out a sheet. Laura walks up with a phony grin on her face.


            She sings but so off key that it made me want to lament. I couldn’t though that would be rude. Few girls laughed but I hold my laughter in. I rolled my eyes and cross my arms together. Mason stood up and sang. I stare at him a huge smile on my face. His voice sounded like a God but only sexier. I was speechless for the first time in a while. We all clap but I was lost in my day dream.


            I watch plenty of other people sing but I stare at the picture behind them. I wanted our hands to interlace because I had aversion to spiders that was on the picture. And I was scared but I also wanted him. Before I could think the bell rang and I got up. “Mason” I ask and he turned to me. “Your singing is amazing” I whisper as he laughs.

“Really and you can tell me how you made every girl and guy jealous of you” he ask me and I shrug.

“I never thought anything like that” I answered him truth spoke in my voice.


            I look at him. “Here let me show you” he pulls me towards his locker. “Emma I want us to be honest I do like you more than friends, more then you know, but these emotions I’m feeling are something I never felt before” I nod to him my heart racing. I felt like crying in joy knowing that I was his crush. This was the moment I’ve been waiting for all my life.

“I like you too Mason more than you ever thought, let’s see where these emotions lead us” our hands interlace. My dream was finally coming true and all this seem too much but with him it was never enough. He opens his locker and spoke.

 “You’re beautiful, smart, you have such an amazing style and your hair” he shows me my hair in the mirror. “Your hair, look at the perfect curls to the right side of your head” he’s smile made my body burn. Like a wild fire, his wild fire and only his no matter what.


            The world could go on around us and I wouldn’t care. For all I know it was him and I. I smile gently at him. “What about Laura she’s going to try anything and everything to get you” I felt so good to get that off my chest.

 “She asks me out before and I laughed in her face” I laughed as I imagine it happening.

 “She can be a real bitch” I said we laughed together.


            “You should come over to my house sometime and like hang and do homework” he looks deeply into my eyes.

“Of course I’ll see you later” I watch as he goes and I went to my locker humming a tune forgetting the world around me. Laura was waiting her eyes wide.

“I thought you two weren’t dating” she spoke. Something with her that she loves drama. “That’s before we were” she gasped her eyes narrow onto my face.

“We broke up last week I’m surprise he hasn’t told you yet. But that’s Mason for you” in each word she spoke I knew she was lying and I knew she envy me. I laugh at her I couldn’t help it. “You think it’s funny that he cheats and also he’s still in love with me” I close my locker getting more then angry with her.  


            “Really Laura? I’m not stupid. He laughed in your face when you ask him out” the feeling of saying it was priceless. I felt so proud saying each and every word. She turned deep red. Like I had told the whole world her secret.

“I’m better than you bitch and I’ll make sure that you’ll have no friends and make sure you’ll become a geek” she smiles evilly at me. She look angry, more like pissed at me. She looks almost like the devil’s daughter. I rolled my eyes and she walks away.  


            I check my phone and my mother text me saying she couldn’t pick me up and that I had to walk home. I sigh my emotions flaring. I felt alone and the hallways in this school seem even longer. As I walk down the halls I realized how those hallways were relayed to me. Well more to the world. I’m like a bug on the ground of the hallway. Millions of doors open and closed in front of me. Imaging the bug getting lost on the way but finally finds the right door that leads it to peace. Almost like a puzzle, as the pieces all jumble up and it takes time to put them all back together correctly. But you see the beauty at the end and you see all the wonderful things.


            I walk out the building not knowing where my home is from here. I look at my phone the battery was low. “Ugh” I mumble walking down a road. I heard a honk and I look up. He was there, my hero. “Mason” he rolled down the window.

“Do you need a ride” a female’s voice spoke. It was sweet almost as beautiful as Mason’s. “Sure” I look at her face. I get into the back seat of the car. It was a 1999 silver Monte Carlo. The girl was beautiful. She had the same golden amber eyes that Mason had yesterday. She has cherry red hair that was braided. She looked tall and skinny to me. Her face was rounded.

 “I’m Ariel, Mason’s sister” she spoke with her perfect voice.


            “Hi I’m Emma” I said putting on the seat belt. We began to talk. I told her about myself as she told me a little about her. Her age, her favorite color which is blue and how long she been married which is almost forty years.

“We’re at your house” Mason spoke. I felt my heart being ripped out of my chest and cut open into two.

 “Thank you again for the ride” I kissed his cheek and open my door. “Bye” I said before walking back inside my house.


            I felt tears run down my face as I enter my room. I wasn’t used to the idea of leaving my boyfriend. I turned off the radio and I felt something. For the first time in a while I felt pride, hope, and faith. I took out a sheet of paper and began to write. Some words into a song. Our song.

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