Shadow of a Legend

I wrote this short story based on many dreams and random thoughts I had. (not including the preface). What if you were born to be something that you didn't know was possible? What if you were the Legend of all tales before you? falling in love is different when he is a vampire and she is an angel. which creates a magical world between them.


6. Chapter 5

“There you are Emma” I heard his breath taking voice as I turned around to see Mason. I felt whole around him like he was stitching me together.

“Morning Mason” I couldn’t help but to smile back at him. I could help but too.

“How was your night” he asks me and I felt like he was the only I could tell. I knew he was the only one that cared enough to listen to my words and cared enough to help me. We head to my locker and I felt like this was part of my vision. It was part of my vision.

“I kept having visions and yeah besides that it was okay” I closed my locker but forgetting my hand was still in it. It hits my hand with such a force I heard a crack and I jump back.


            “Crap” I mumble to myself.

 “Are you alright” he asks his voice concerned. I looked down at my knuckles. I felt blood easing down my hand. Pained rushed through my body. He takes my hand into his.

 “Oh God that hurts” I feel his cold hands and I felt his body stiffen and I look up at him my heart stops for a moment.

 “I think you broke some bones” for a day of knowing him it felt like forever. I trusted his words and I trust him. He seem to know what was going on like he was born to do this.


            “Emma” he asks and I slowly got lightheaded by the pain. He shakes his head. I could feel it in my heart. “It’s swelling come” he took my arm and leads me to the nurse.

“Mason” a middle age women ask.

“Cindy my friend Emma has hurt her hand” knowing that he just called me his friend made me feel breathless and somehow better.

“Come” she tells me. Her beach blonde hair shines in the dim light that seems to sparkle in the room.


            She takes my hand I wince as a sharp pain sidle its way into my body. “What happened” she gently asks.

“I slammed my locker on my hand” I answered back. She nods and wraps my hand up.

“Your good to go, you broke your middle and ring finger” she smiles at me her voice calming. “Thanks” I said leaving the room.


            I head quickly down the hall to my first period class. Afraid to be late, only because I can’t stand being late. And of course mason was there in my class. I rolled my eyes glad that he was in this class. Knowing that he cares made all the difference in the world. I sat down next to him waiting to hear what he could say to me.

“How’s your hand” he gently ask.

“Fine” is all I said before the bell. I drew a picture of a flower on my notebook until the teacher started the class that’s when I started taking notes.


            About halfway through class a student asks to open the window. “You may Stanley” the teacher answers. He opens the window and a cold breeze enters the room. I shivered rubbing my arms. I couldn’t understand why I was so cold, since I’d moved here.

 “Cold” Mason asks and I look next to me.

“Yeah a little” I answer and he laughs and the teacher Shh us. “

What’s her name anyways” I ask him. “Mrs. Nelson” I nod softly.  

            When we started group work we finished ahead of the class. I learned he was smart, too smart to be in this class. “I still can’t believe there’s a heat wave in October” we laugh together. Our laughter is in perfect harmony that could of made anyone jealous.

“I know it’s not Florida” I answered him.

“Yeah but the real cold weather will start in a few days” we continued talking. I could talk to him forever and never run out of things to say. Mason the silver body, the one that I’m already deadly crushing on stare into my eyes as we talk. But truth is I don’t know if he likes me more than a friend. The emotions swam into me yet I never felt anything like this before. It’s a whole new world for me like some new kind of high. But it was confusing and I hated these emotions because I didn’t know what they are.


            “Emma what is it” his voice snaps my mind back into my body.

“Hmm” my voice answered.

“You gasped I thought something was wrong” I was so lost in my train of thought and I didn’t realize I had gasped.

 “Um thanks, no nothing is wrong” I gently smiled. I put away my notebook.

“By the way nice flower” his smile lures me into his sweet scent.

“Thanks” it was a honey scent. No rose, yes rose I smelled rose. It was thin soft scent. It reminded me how flowers attract butterflies to be fed and help each other. That’s how it is for me at this very moment. He is the flower and I’m the butterfly. I wanted to kiss him more than I ever thought I would.

I forced myself to calm down. And told myself that these emotions were odd, and crazy. By the time the bell rings I was ready for lunch. But I didn’t want to eat I wasn’t really hungry. Which was different for me I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t hungry not one bit.“Emma we are meeting in the library instead of going to lunch, for English” he spoke to me tilting his head.

“Thanks” I sigh and we made our way into the library. We took a table and took out our stuff. “Afternoon Emma we are doing a project as you already know” she smiled at me.

“Yes I’m aware of it I chose my topic, vampires” I heard Mason gasp to low for any human ears to hear. But how could I hear it? I glance at him his eyes narrow onto me.

“Very interesting Emma, how about you Mason what’s your topic” her eyes look at him and he seems to relax sort of.


            “Angel’s” he answered. The words sound so perfect to me.

“Very nice you two get to work” she went to another table. I took out a packet and my books. “Why did you gasp” I gently ask him.

“I hit my foot” he said looking down.

“Um okay? I know you’re lying if you don’t want to tell me that’s okay” I open my book and began working.   


            By the time lunch was over I had filled out my packet and wrote few note cards. Mason didn’t seem to have that much luck. I felt bad for him. I bundle all my entire books together and put them in my bag. I left the library and I left Mason.

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