Shadow of a Legend

I wrote this short story based on many dreams and random thoughts I had. (not including the preface). What if you were born to be something that you didn't know was possible? What if you were the Legend of all tales before you? falling in love is different when he is a vampire and she is an angel. which creates a magical world between them.


5. Chapter 4

I walked into school and head to my locker. Mason was there also. I stare into his eyes I knew at that moment he is who I wanted. My heart pounds with many emotions that enter my body. But this time it was emotions of love and hope. I never wanted this vision to end. Just as quick as the vision started, the vision ended.  The vision ends leaving my body trembling and also breathless. I blink trying to see the real world once again.


“Okay this is just weird” I said to myself shaking my head like I was going crazy. I roll over and open up the book again and a sentence enters my mind. It was clear as day and the words seem to echo and dance in a million ways.  

- The angel of the gifted, would be more then beauty, but be gifted greater than anyone ever has seen.

I wrote it down just as I saw the words in my head, and pick up the next book in the pile. “Tell me what I need to know” I whisper to myself.   


A voice in my head spoke as I see the words appear in my mind and eyes.

- Brown- Golden brown eyes in some cases golden amber, paler skin, slightly cold, speed and strength.

I also wrote this down and felt a chill run down my neck and I look out the window and saw a dove. Pure white wings and beauty shine off its body. It took my breath away as I smile at it.


            “Emma, dinner time” mother’s voice snaps at me and I jump. I sighed and rolled over and looked at the time and got up. I head downstairs un willingly but I knew I had to. About halfway down my mind enters another vision.  


            It was the dove I saw earlier it was outside some strange house. I couldn’t focus my vision to the house like I wasn’t meant to see it. The dove chirped its wonderful song and I felt like singing. So I sang. Our beauty matched each other and if the world could stop for a moment to listen it would.


            “Mom” I felt the words leave my lips. Right away I regretted saying anything at all. I heard her huff and puff.

“What is it Emma” she walks over to me from the large kitchen. “Are you Ill” she asked and I felt her feeling uncomfortable.

 “No” I finally answered. I blank and look at her. Her face cross between angry and tired of seeing me every day. “I just had a vision” I whisper my voice weak. She rolled her eyes at me. Like I was lying to her.

“Emma I know that you’re going through a hard time you’re just…” I sigh and walk down the rest of the stairs. Not giving her time to call me crazy.


            “No I really had one. I really did”

“Emma I don’t think your psychic, so don’t even go there” I turned around and went back up and went to get the books, I needed to prove something to her. But I gave her the books and locked my door.

“Emma” her voice snaps and I open the door afraid of her and went to eat dinner.


            As I was eating dinner she was reading the books I had gave her. “Emma why did you get even get this book” she asks hoping that I would lie or say I’m crazy.  But I knew I wasn’t crazy I knew that my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me.

“It all started in school and I bought it so I can learn something” I told her looking down at my food.

“What happened” she asks like she really cared.

“I had a vision right before school ended” I answered my voice a whisper.


            “Truly different” she mumbles to herself and I laugh for the first time ever in front of her. She looks up at me and took my hand. Hers was ice cold and rough something I wasn’t used too. “Emma I’m so sorry that I haven’t been here for you but I want you to be welcome here, I want you to know that I love you and I want to get to know you better” I drop my fork. I knew she wasn’t lying.

“You blame me for Amy’s death” I felt my heart stop. Her eyes shine at me. For the first time ever I thought she could be sorry.

“I know, I still do but I need to know my other daughter also” her voice surprisingly soft.


            I sigh; I knew what to say to her only because I’ve been practicing for years. “Thank you mom, that means a lot to me and I hope I can get to know you also, I love you” I said my voice so perfect and so true. But even how true it was I still wanted it to be real. But there was no way of telling if this will ever be true. I still knew she loved Amy more than me. I knew none of that will ever change.


I get up and washed my plate. While I was drying it I enter a vision and drop it. The plate shatters into millions of pieces. It was dark out in a winter day.  

“You look beautiful” I heard a strange voice speak to me. I was in a car and I realized whose voice it was. My mothers of course she was there. I watch as two cars collide together. A silver and a dark blue head on as I see the past, present and future of each person in each of the cars, even a newborn baby. I saw her death and her future. I screamed in fear and I felt my body twitch and I felt my body falling into this vision. I closed my eyes as I had never seen a car crash before then.        


“Emma what is it? What do you see” my mother’s voice broke me away from the vision. I started to cry as fear enters my body. I wasn’t used to seeing things let alone controlling them. “Shh Emma calm down what did you see” she asks leading me to the couch.

 “A car crash then your voice pulled me out of it” I answered her not telling her all of what had happen and she sighs. She went to clean up my mess and I went to my room.


            I lay down on my bed and curled up into my blanket. I allowed the warmth to sooth me and guide me. Hoping it would lead me to some peace and happiness. I cried until I couldn’t shed anymore tears. I cried until my head and throat ache. I got ready for bed and fell into a deep sleep. My body agreed to the sleep as I had earned it.

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