Shadow of a Legend

I wrote this short story based on many dreams and random thoughts I had. (not including the preface). What if you were born to be something that you didn't know was possible? What if you were the Legend of all tales before you? falling in love is different when he is a vampire and she is an angel. which creates a magical world between them.


4. Chapter 3

“What was it about” he asks me at my locker.

“My father he’s changed, he’s more violent than before. He used to be so kind and thoughtful” I sigh my heart would of exploded if he wasn’t here.

“I’m so sorry” his voice never dared to lie to me. I paused at the bottom of my locker the world spinning in a whole new direction. “Emma” his voice gently asks. I grab my bag and stood up.

“There’s something wrong with me, I feel weird” I blurt out but before he could answer I fled the school. Fear pumps through my body like a kind of a drug.


  I needed to know what was going on with me. I needed to know I wasn’t crazy, needed to know what was happening. The world was changing without me and I was being left out. I walk to my mother’s car. She was waiting for me her eyes fixed on the sky. Her eyes look like she was losing something, something that she may never see ever again.

“Hey honey how was school” she asks not really caring if I answered or not. She looks at me and her face changes from strict to angry. “Where did you get that sweatshirt” her eyes meeting mine. The sparkle in her eyes faded quickly and became more serious. She blinks a few times to tame it. But it doesn’t work very well. I still could see it clear as day.


            “School was okay, and this guy Mason bashed into me and my coffee spilled all over me” my voice wonderstruck. I looked at her and knew I needed to change the subject. “Anyways can we go to the bookstore” I gently ask while staring out of the window.  I couldn’t face what she might say and she might judge of me. We take off and she answered.

“Sure but why?” I sigh softly to myself. I didn’t really want to answer her but I knew I had to.

 “I have a project for English and I need few books to read” I tell her my voice perfect.

“Cool” is all she could think of and she turns on the highway.


            Soon I enter a room filled with books. More than I had ever seen in my life. I was amazed how could anyone have all these millions books in one room. It was like museum almost too much for me to handle but part of me knew I could. Oh how I wanted to own and to read each and every book in this place.

 “I’ll be at the café here’s some money” she hands me a wad of bills. Two hundred dollars total. “Thank you” I said and she walks away. I wasn’t planning to spend that much money. I head over to the fiction. I pick up few books just to read. After I slowly walk to the nonfiction and pick up few books about ghost, vampires, shape shifters, and angel’s. You name it I got it. ‘Life as an Angel’ was one of the titles that caught my eyes.   


            When I met my mother in the café she was about done with her latte. “Find anything good” she asks noticing my filled bag.

“Yes” I said simply.

 “Let’s go home now” she grabs her purse like I did something wrong.

 “Here’s your money back” I hand it to her. Mother just swats it’s away.

“Keep it” I left it as that. I didn’t want to fight with her. I couldn’t wait to get home and find what that was wrong with me.

When I returned back to my room I begin to read the books. I was lost inside the world of Midnight when I heard a knock on the door. I pick up another book.

“Come in” I called. She walked into my room and sat on my bed.

“How’s your book” she asks looking around the room.


            Even though I haven’t read a single word of this book just with a touch of my hand I knew the whole book. Cover to cover. That didn’t happen a moment ago or even before. This was new and that idea scared me.

“It’s about this girl who meets a boy, Austin and they fall in love and she’s is a princess and becomes Queen” she waved me off.

 “Good” I said simply looking at her hands. They were shaking. Why haven’t I notice that before?

“Cool did you get some for, um English” I nod at her and she rolled her eyes.


            She wanted to say a word but she got a text. “Oh got to go” and she left into her words. I felt a tear run down my cheek.

“Bye” I whisper softly to myself. My vision began to blur and I fall backwards onto my bed and into a vision.

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