Shadow of a Legend

I wrote this short story based on many dreams and random thoughts I had. (not including the preface). What if you were born to be something that you didn't know was possible? What if you were the Legend of all tales before you? falling in love is different when he is a vampire and she is an angel. which creates a magical world between them.


3. Chapter 2

I rolled over to turn my alarm clock off. The time read 5:45am. As I got out of my bed an ice cold, blood thrilling chill rushed through my body and I shivered both from being afraid and from the chill that seem to linger. I was tired from getting little sleep as I hope the dream would of return and amuse. But it didn’t. Despite the disappointment I forced my half asleep body across the hall and into my bathroom. I got wash up and when I am finally finished I head downstairs. Mother was already waiting for me.

 “Hurry you’re going to be late” her voice snaps at me while she grabs her keys. Her mood made me angry even more then I should.

“Well good morning to you too mom” I answer her as I fix my beautiful blue shirt that had a butterfly on its side made from silver gems and I fix my brand new jeggings. The butterfly was perfect and made my heart ease. Butterflies are free and beautiful and I hope someday I could be like that. I placed my hair to my side, letting each curl set in place. I watch as she laughs. I look at her. I had never heard her laugh a day in my life.


            The sound was lovely. It was beautiful almost as the beautiful voice I had ever heard. The perfect pitch was in tune to her perfect body and into her perfect face. Her laugh made the birds outside stop their heavenly sound to hear it. It even made me stop for a while, for all my life for all I care. The sound made me envy her for a moment a wound in my heart broke even further.


“Sorry Emma are you hungry?” she ask handing me my heavy school bag.

“No I’m fine thanks” I answered feeling rushed and annoyed. As she hurries me to the car.


I day dream on the way to school, I felt nervous and a bit of wonder pump through my body. I thought if I would fit in this school, if the students would accept me. I couldn’t tell though, I had no reason for them to not accept me. But then again how could I tell? Each school is different and each person is different all I could do is to wonder and wait to see what would happen. The image of the silver body enters my mind. I felt some hope enter my body. Just to be replaced with fear that he was a delusion, a fantasy created by my mind. He had to be real. Not just for my good, he had to be real or I’ll have nothing to look forward to and I had nothing to live for. So he had to be real he was the prince in this fairytale. And I needed to be his princess. But this day dream was soon ended as I watch as mother pulled up to the school.

“Welcome to Zora La high school. I hope you have fun” she tells me her voice awkward and painful to hear. I looked at her. As I could tell she was trying to be kind, trying to escape me evening this was clear.

“Thanks mom” I got out of the car and she drove away and away from me.


            I walk into the building in a daze. Not paying attention to anything outside until moments ago. It was huge inside. It was like a castle but only it was school. The floor was a deep black, as the lockers a dark shade of blue. The walls and the ceiling look ancient but beautiful more then I would think for a high school. As I walk around lost trying to find my way through, people stare at me like I was crazy or if my beauty was so rare, but I didn’t mind. I notice the theme of this school was medieval. I made my way to room 107 my first period class. It happens to be English in my opinion English is boring and a waste of time.

            I enter the room full of my new classmates slowly and quietly. But not quite enough I guess? They all looked at me as I heard few gasps from beauty I thought but I didn’t care though. I head to the furthest back of the room feeling out of place and not at all welcomed. But somehow that feeling felt right to me almost normal and I needed it to breathe. Like it was the air I need to live on and for it to continue life on earth. I took a seat next to a male. I refused to look at his body. But I knew I just wanted to leave.


            I glance at the strange male. Something told me I couldn’t leave but I really didn’t want to. My heart skipped a beat and my body and heart wanted to stay but my mind told me to flee. I could feel him next to me, looking at me and I just wanted to run. I turned slowing to look at him and my heart skipped a beat one more time.  He was absolutely gorgeous.

“Emma” the teacher called my name.

“Yes” I ask looking at her. She was tall, with yellow blonde hair. Right away I notice her kindness and how she loved already having me in her class.

“Welcome to our class” she said softly. My lips turn into a smile. I couldn’t help it she had that effect to make anyone and everyone smile in any mood.

“Thank you” I answered back.


            “Emma” the voice of an angel spoke. His voice the sound of love and kindness the type of sweetness you find on a beautiful summer day. I look next to me at the male.

“Yes that’s my name” my words soft like the air I breathe.

“You heard that” he asks his eyes narrow. I nod feeling breathless. He looks away and I felt disconnected. The wire that was between us was cut. Like we were somehow we were connected before. I look at his body. I think of his eye color, what it could be, and how beautiful they really are. I knew it wasn’t blue or green because I would of notice. He was wearing a blue Aeropostale sweatshirt that his body so well. He’s built and I envy anyone who gets to hold him in their arms. I envy anyone who has him and give him all their love.  


            Each period went by so fast before I knew it, it was lunch time. I was waiting in the line at the snack bar waiting for some coffee. “Your Emma Edwards right?” a sharp voice asks. I turned around to see a girl with short brown hair.

“I am” the lady hands me my coffee and I paid her.

“Would you like to sit with us, I’m Laura and this is Becca” she ask and points to a skinny, tall, pale skin girl that looks like a soccer player. By their fancy clothes and their looks I knew they were popular.

 “Sure I would like that” I smiled at them.


            On my way to their table I collide into the male. It was the silver body, the one in my dream. Well he short of bashed into me. My coffee went down my shirt. I yell as the heat burns into my body.

“Oh I’m so sorry Emma” his voice soothing and sweet. The sound was alluring and peaceful. The kind you dream of, the kind that you wish the whole world spoke. I should have been mad at him but when reached out to help me up I was more than willing to give him my hand. I could tell her was very strong like he could lift well over two hundred pounds. When he helped me up I look into his eyes and the whole world paused for a moment. I knew at that moment he was the one in my dreams.

“It’s okay” I said staring into his eyes.

“Your shirt is all wet, here have my sweatshirt” he said taking it off and putting it around me. I snap out of it. Snap out of the force that seem to be going around us.

“Thanks” I said smiling at him as the subtle sent of clean male teased my senses.

“I’m Mason” he spoke one last time and before I could answer he was gone. I look around for a second looking to see where he could have gone, but I didn’t see him, not even a glance of him.


I put it on the sweatshirt and made my way back to the table and sat down. Laura and Becca stare at me. Their eyes wide and child like, they look at me like I just broke law. Like I was forbidden to talk to Mason.

“Do you even know who he is” Laura asks looking over at his table.

 “He’s Mason” I said only knowing his first name. But not showing them that I knew nothing more.

 “Well that”

“Shut up Becca I’m talking” I stare at Laura realizing how rude and mean she is. “Anyways that’s Mason Petterson he’s like the hottest guy in school only he’s so shy he never talks, like his family and all its wired” she laughs and I look back at the table.


I thought for a moment why me, why this? I sigh softly to myself. A voice in my head spoke softly to me.

“His family sits with him, they are really close. Ariel she’s with Colby and Lauren is with Case” I look around his table seeing each and everyone.

“Are they dating” I ask looking back at Laura.

“Duh” I felt like everyone was staring at me. Like if they knew my secret. Like they all were judging me. “Colby and Case are twins” Becca told me and I smiled.



            Someone opened the door as the cold breeze went through the room and I shiver. “Your cold” Laura’s voice ask. Her voice so strange like she was trying to figure me out or something like that. I nod. “How can you be its like so hot out and you’re wearing Mason’s sweatshirt” she said and I just shrug.

“So does it matter how warm or cold I am” I paused. “It’s the breeze” I added. They laugh and I watch them.

“It’s cool” Becca answered.


            I couldn’t help but to keep looking at Mason’s table. The silver body made me feel something I had never felt before like I was under a spell. I heard a voice and I look at Laura. “Don’t waste your time he’s not worth it” Laura’s voice hunts me, my mind, and my soul.

 “Sure” I rolled my eyes.

“Why are you here” Becca rudely ask.


            I felt my heart skip a beat. “I don’t like to talk about it, it changed my life”

 “You’re pregnant?” Laura asks my eyes shoot up.

“No! Not even close” I cross my arms. I hear the bell ring and I took my bag and left.

 “Why are you here” the heartbreaking voice asks.

“Oh it’s you” I mumble and I hear his laugh. “Um it’s long story” I said feeling lightheaded. Something about him takes my breath away.

“Oh I have time” I shook my head trying to clear it.

 “Sorry I have gym” I tell him.

“So do I” he answered his eyes staring at me.


            “I’d love to talk, but I have no clue where the locker room is” my response mostly a question. I look around the halls a little lost.

“Take a right” he answered and again he was gone and my heart aches.


            I enter the room where self defense was at. The teacher Ms. O’Neal greeted our class and started. “Have anyone of you been raped” she asked I slowly raise my hand.

 “Emma” the legendary voice spoke.

 “Mason” I whisper to low for anyone around to hear.

“So Emma would you like to share it with us?” She asks.

“Um well I lived with my father up to a week ago he raped me” my voice barely above a whisper. I look over to the door and saw Mason standing there. His silver body seems to glow before me; before I could blink he was gone.

“Oh I’m so sorry” a student tells me but I just nod and try to forget about it.


I watch the clock waiting for the bell to ring. I just couldn’t stand people knowing my secret. Finally it does I head out of the girls locker room. I walk over to my locker glad that gym was over. Only one period remained in my day. American History.

I work my way up to the second floor to American History. The steps were steep and a pain to climb. Again Mason was there. My heart froze I had never felt anything like this before. “Do you have like every class with me” I mumble to myself.

“No” his perfect voice answered. “I’m truly sorry about what happen” I gasp regretting I ever told the gym class.

“About why I’m here” my voice spoke in a heartbreaking tune. His eyes stared into mine. I couldn’t answer.

“I’m sorry if I’m upsetting you” his voice calm and sweet.

 “You’re not, anyways do you want your sweatshirt back” I ask him my eyes never leaving his.


            “No you can keep it, it looks good on you” he answered and I couldn’t help but smile. “Awe thanks, it’s very warm” I answered. His laugh is the sound of a bell but even more beautiful.

“You’re cold” he asks staring at my shivering body.

“Well yeah I’m not used to this weather” I told him. “Your eyes are like a golden brown” my voice blurts out and I blush.

“Don’t worry about it” and again he was gone. He seems to vanish when he doesn’t want to share his secret with me.


            “What” I whisper upset. I sat down in front of the class. Class started and I stare at the clock on the smart board hoping that he wasn’t mad at me for saying his eye color out loud and pretty much in front of the class and I hope that nothing would change between us.

 “Mason, Emma please work together” the teacher ask us for some group work. I sigh and walk over to him.

 “I wish we didn’t have to work together, you’re so different” he whispers. Hurt by his words I turned to him.

“Different how” I whisper my voice sounded upset. He shook his head and simply said.

“Does it matter” I stop dead flat in my place.

 “Your mood swings are getting old” I change the subject.


            He laughs with that most wonderful sound again. “Whatever” he said.

“Sure” I didn’t want to fight with him. I didn’t say a word to him. We did our work and how good it felt to work with him. “You’re different Mason” our eyes meet and sparks flew between us.

“You don’t mind” he asks I shook my head meaning what I said.

“No you know my secret please keep it” he nods his eyes never leaving mine.


            Then it hits me a wave of power so intense I raised in my seat and forced a gasp from my lips. My mind switched to a picture. It was my father he was in a cell, of course he was fighting. I focus on his face. He had changed from what I knew from him. Just as fast as it came the vision had ended.

“Emma” Mason asks concern rose in his voice. I blink and looked at him. Remembering who he is and where I was.

“I just had a vision” I whispered my voice scared as I felt.

“Vision’s you have vision’s” he ask staring at my hands.

“This is the first ever” I grab my bag and look up at the clock.

“What if I’m not what you think I am” I look at him.

 “Don’t be silly” the bell rings and I left the classroom fleeing the living hell that I was living. 

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