Shadow of a Legend

I wrote this short story based on many dreams and random thoughts I had. (not including the preface). What if you were born to be something that you didn't know was possible? What if you were the Legend of all tales before you? falling in love is different when he is a vampire and she is an angel. which creates a magical world between them.


2. Chapter 1

In a meadow it was a fall rainy day, sitting against a large tree trunk, the leaves dripping down in a fall of autumn color, as I listened to the waves of an old lake now long forgotten. Until enclosed by water waves. All I can see around me is an ocean of foliage and over grown weeds. A silver body looks at me only he was not silver, his body is so pale in the sunlight it looks like nothing more than silver. In that moment I realized how lucky I am to have him. I look at him, his eyes a light shade of brown, almost like a golden amber color. He smiled with his pale pink lips.

“You’re my day, my night, you’re my everything, and anything” he simply said. Next the second his cool lips touch mine. My body feels warm as a fire of emotions rushes through my body. It is sweet, it is something truly magical. Something I have never felt before. 


            “I love you” I heard his voice speak once again.

“Not as much as I love you” I said placing my head on his chest. I awoke gasping for breath. “Emma?” I hear a voice not sure who’s or even where it had come from. I stare at my hand as I watch it shakes. “Emma” the strange voice calls again.  “Your late it’s past time for you to be up!”

“Just a dream” I mutter, realizing who was calling my name.

“Oh Emma was it about what happen?” my mother’s voice ask trying for understanding but coming of rushed and leaving me feeling unimportant. I shook my head, my heart yearning for the reality of the dream.

“No mom this was something amazing” I sigh feeling nothing but empty inside.

“Sorry but Emma we can talk about it later if you want. It’s time to get you home” she wanders to my door.

“Sure” I whisper my mind drifting to the silver body as I dress.


At the table as I was eating my breakfast my thoughts flicker to my childhood. I felt no emotion connection to my mother; you could say I had no empathy at all. My parents got a divorce when I was two. I stayed with my mother until was three that’s when my sister died. That’s when everything seemed to change. I’m the only child; my twin sister died at the age of three. Her name was Amy and she was even more beautiful then mother. After her death I moved in with my father. My mother claimed she was too ill to take care of me. But I guess I’ll never understand why. My mother and Amy are alike, so beautiful more so then I. They had the same blue eyes, same hair even the same face. I don’t remember much about Amy but I do remember her being the favorite.


   I’m like the outsider. I don’t look a thing like my parents. My eyes are blue but they sparkle like a pool of water and my hair is a beautiful light brown that curls. Even if I was myself I am different. I’ll never be like them as I grew up I didn’t want to as I figure out I’m myself and no one should take that away and change me.


 Now I’m on my way to Maine. Applestage Maine in fact it was fairly large town with a school, hospital, and even a shopping mall. This is where I’ll have to live for a while. What I have heard is this town has scenes that are to die for.


 I sigh getting up and washed my dishes. “Emma” her voice interrupted my thoughts of people say about my mother’s beauty. Her friends used to say we look alike but I don’t see it. My mother is beautiful, her hair is a light reddish color with a brown tint in it, and she has those blue eyes that you fall in love with, Enclosed with a heart shape face that fits so perfectly into her high cheek bones. She is tall, I can say taller than 5’6”. She is also very thin as she never eats. I felt her watching me as I finish up.


             Hours passed while I sat in first class on a plane. I didn’t say a word only because I couldn’t find anything to say. I found myself drifting back to the dream, studying his face, lost in the warmth of his love.

“We will be landing in fifteen minutes” the voice of a flight attend rang through the plane. I jerked back to my reality with a shiver, as I forced myself to follow mother from the plane and out of the airport. She hurries us into a car and we are soon on our way.


            I watch as we arrived to my new home. It was almost two hours away from the airport.

The house was a pale yellow building lay on the beach. The beach was the backyard. I visit here in all my school breaks. And now it’s my house, for a while at lease.  Now I’m here to live, to grow up and I’m here to finish high school.


            As I walk into my room memories flash through my mind. Both good and bad as they dance like a sugar plum fairy. The walls were a soft shade of blue as the carpet was a light purple almost a pale violet. A wooden desk sat in the corner next to one of the two windows in my room. The light in this room was unbelievable bright. I settle on my twin size bed. I notice my closet was empty, bear to the bone. I took one of my bags and hang some clothes up.

“Would you like to go shopping” she asks entering the room. I paused before answering yes to make her happy. “I’ll be downstairs when you’re ready” she left the room. My mother is a model and never around. To get a free moment with her will maybe set us to a good mark.


            I wrote in my dairy as I thought of what had happen. I cry myself to sleep. I no longer have those nightmares that made me scared of the world. I needed time to heal. But I don’t have that time the world is moving before me. I was stuck in the middle. I’m lost in the world alone. Alone is what I felt through the tears that ran down my face. Alone. Alone. Alone I will be, with nothing but a little faith, and some hope. Maybe in time the pain would fade, happiness would fill my body once again and my heart would open up.          

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