When it all started

Rachel is in love with Daniel and has been for as long as she can remember. The only thing is Daniel is in love with Jessica, not her and Rachel is heart broken.
(This story is similar to frog_princess's story, I helped her write it)


2. Day dreaming

Algebra is so boring, but I like it because Daniel sits a couple desks down from me. I write in my journal A + B= why does he love Jessica.  I'm so busy doodling his name in my notebook that I don't notice Mrs. Johnson, the algebra teacher, called on me.

"Rachel?" she asks. "Earth to Rachel!" I look up, embarrassed.

"Yes, Mrs. Johnson?" I ask

"Come up to the board and solve this problem," She instructs me. I stare up at the board where the most complicated formula is written. I slowly stand up, making my way up to the board and grabbing the chalk. The chalk squeaks as I write and everyone flinches and covers their ears. When I finish, I quickly head back to my desk. I sit down and continue to write: Rachel + Daniel=<3.

"Incorrect!" Mrs. Johnson booms. "If maybe you paid  attention to the lesson instead of doodling in your notebook, then you would have gotten that one right,"she then picks up my journal and reads aloud everything I wrote. When she finishes, the whole class is laughing at me and my face turns as red as my favorite lipstick. I can swear I saw Daniel look at me and smile.  Jessica snickers and when I stand up, she sticks out her leg and I'm too embarassed to notice. I fall on my face and the whole class roars with laughter  again. I keep repeating the same phrase over and over again in my head.  There is nothing I do better than revenge. The bell finally rings and I leave with my head down.  English isn't any better. I ignore snotty remarks like "Did you have a nice trip Rachel?" and "What is your poem going to be about? Daniel, oh Daniel, kiss me!" I just roll my eyes and walk to my desk.  Sadly, Jessica's in this class and Daniel's not. I sit next to my best friends Melanie and Emalissa at lunch. Emalissa and I love doing these things we call voice imitator, where we look over at Daniel and Jessica's table and say things like "Oh Daniel , I love you" and " Jessica, this apple is delicious!" It hurts watching them together like that, but I bet it hurt Jessica even more when she slipped on a slushy Melanie "accidently" spilled by her and fell on her face. All I do is walk over to her and say "Hmm, does this seem familiar, I think the same thing happened in Algebra this morning when you tripped me?" Her face turns as red as my second favorite lipstick. Okay, so I'm obsessed with lipstick, don't judge me!  

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