Forever and Always

What ever happened to being best friends? Lucy and Niall were best friends until the X Factor came and ruined it. Now they're only strangers with memories... Or will Niall get Lucy to change her mind about him and get her back? I'm pretty bad at summaries. The story is a lot better… I hope...


11. The Call

Lucy's POV
I rolled over and looked up at the ceiling. I sighed heavily before I got up and went to the bathroom. I was just brushing my teeth when the door opened up a crack and El's head popped in. "Hey," she said," I'm going to the store then going to see Louis. Do you need anything?" I shook my head and spit into the sink. I started to gargle mouthwash and Eleanor laughed at me. "Attractive." You know it." I smirked. About fifteen minutes later I was dressed in red jeans a Dr. Who (A/N who likes Dr. Who? I'm not a huge fan but I just started watching it the other day.) T-shirt and VANS. A knock came on the door while I was watching TV so I just yelled "come in!" "Hello love!" Niall said excitedly. "What are you doing here?" I asked. "Just visiting you." He smiled cheekily. Then my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID. Blocked. I hesitantly answered it and Niall watched me intently. "Umm… h-hello?" I asked into the phone. "Lucy?" A familiar voice asked. Oh. My. God. No. Please don't let this be happening. This can't be happening. I almost dropped my phone in shock as the person started to talk. "Listen, Lucy you probably hate me now but I just wanted to ask if we could ever get back together." I bit harshly on the inside of my cheek in anger. "No." I snapped. "Please Lucy?" He begged. "I. said. no. Get it through that thick head of yours." I growled. "Please?" He asked again. "Why do you want to get back together after two years of being broken up?" I sighed in frustration. "Goodbye." I hung up quickly not bothering to hear an answer to my question and out of anger I threw my phone at the wall. It bounced off and landed on El's bed. I squeezed my eyes shut trying to block out his face. Okay, after, what? Two years? Yeah, after two years of being broken up now he decides he wants to get back together with me. That. Arse. "Who was that?" Niall asked looking worriedly at my furious expression. For a second I almost forgot he was here. So I answered simply, "Luke."
Niall's POV
I tensed up at the sound of Luke's name. He stole Lucy from me before I went to the X Factor two or three years ago. He was a jerk and he didn't deserve Lucy. She deserved better than him. I wanted her to be mine. They only went out for two weeks but I was so mad. She asked why I was so pissed against him but I just told her he was a player. But she did catch her cheating on her with some skanky blonde at a party. And it just broke her heart. She was just heartbroken for months. I swore one day I would beat him up for that. She assured me it was fine but the pain in her eyes was so evident. Her phone buzzed and she hastily scrambled up to get it. She snarled reading the message before sending a short angry reply. "Sorry." She said throwing her phone into a drawer. I smiled at her and she blushed. "So what are we going to do today?" She asked ignoring another buzz coming from the drawer. "Where do you want to go?" I asked "anywhere." She laughed that touch of adventure in her eyes sparking. She always loved exploring the forests in Ireland saying she was going to find a leprechaun and his gold. She said I was close enough. "How about to the park?" I asked and she smiled "That sounds great! Lets go!"
Lucy's POV
I Was really glad nothing has changed between me and Niall even through the awkward episode where he admitted he loved me. I still can't believe Luke had the nerve to call me after cheating on me and ripping my heart up to get back together. Not. Going. To. Happen. I left my phone in the drawer because I didn't want to be bothered by him when I was with Niall. At least he hadn't changed. Cute, caring, sensitive and lovable as always. Directioners and Niall girls may call "dibs" on him but to me he'll always be mine. Best friend and ice cream buddy. Forever and always.

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