Forever and Always

What ever happened to being best friends? Lucy and Niall were best friends until the X Factor came and ruined it. Now they're only strangers with memories... Or will Niall get Lucy to change her mind about him and get her back? I'm pretty bad at summaries. The story is a lot better… I hope...


12. Love

Lucy's POV
We finally got to the park in Niall's park when we got lost once he turned left absentmindedly instead of right. He was so cute when he was worried when he realized he wasn't going the right way. When we finally did get to the park he insisted on going through the gardens. "Look!" I yelled "a tree I can climb!" And without further ado I grabbed onto a lower branch and I swung myself up. "Come on up!" I yelled excitedly to Niall patting the branch next to me where there was space to sit. "You know how I feel about climbing trees!" He laughed but he climbed up next to me anyways. Last time he tried he almost fell off. And I kind of pushed him but that's not the point. Here we are sitting here like a cute couple on a romantic date or something. Oh god... I sometimes wondered where we are in our relationship but I've always pushed away the thought saying love isn't any good for me. After all, once I had caught Luke cheating on me I didn't think I could ever trust anyone with my heart again. But Niall seemed...well... different. Would he break my heart? "Lucy," Niall said turning towards me snapping me out of my daze. "Yes?" I asked staring off into the distance. "Can I ask you a question?" He asked. "Sure. Go ahead." I shrugged as I shifted my body towards him. "Where do you see yourself in twenty years?" He asked "answer truthfully." I thought about it for a moment. I'd probably say forever alone with 23 cats but that didn't seem like the answer he was going for. Maybe he meant as a career? But before I could contemplate another answer I blurted out: "with you." He just looked at me blinking. Well this is a little, er, awkward…
Niall's POV
I watched her to see if she was going to answer but she just blinked thinking about the question. "With you." She said looking straight into my eyes. My breath hitched in my throat. Then she seemed to realize what she said and looked down with her cheeks flushed red. "Really?" I asked brushing my thumb over her cheek as she turned even redder. "I-I don't even know why that slipped out…" she said hurriedly. "Would you ever consider a future with me?" I asked gently. Her blue reproachful eyes gazed up at me. A million thoughts seemed to go through her mind. She was easy to read and she was a terrible liar. "Maybe." She whispered. "Would you ever consider being my princess?" I asked. Oh wow, how romantic. Sitting in a tree asking the girl you've always loved out. Seems legit. The corners of her mouth slowly perked up into that beautiful smile I fell in love with. "Why not." She whispered. I leaned forwards and before I knew it I was kissing her like I've always wanted to and she was kissing me back.
Lucy's POV
Oh my god… here I am kissing Niall Horan a member of one of the hottest boy bands in the entire world. My cheeks flushed and I could just melt from happiness. When we finally pulled away I was blushing deeply and we were both grinning like idiots. "I really do love you Lucy." He smiled "I love you too Niall." Well, I just exploded. Like inside my organs feel all twisted up and the butterflies in my stomach just wouldn't go away. The way he looked at me and smiled made my heart beat faster and faster. Once in my lifetime everything had been… perfect. And absolutely nothing could ruin that.

(Hey narwhals! Sorry I haven't updated lately! I've been busy doing nothing. I'll try to update sooner. I'm just a lazy potato. That's all for now. Bye! Keep reading! I love you all! Xx.)
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