Forever and Always

What ever happened to being best friends? Lucy and Niall were best friends until the X Factor came and ruined it. Now they're only strangers with memories... Or will Niall get Lucy to change her mind about him and get her back? I'm pretty bad at summaries. The story is a lot better… I hope...


2. Liam Payne

"Forever and always." We laughed. I swear I almost cried as we hugged goodbye. In ten minutes they would be boarding us. "Goodbye Lucy." Ally said pulling me into a really tight hug. "We'll miss you lots!" Tracey sniffled shuffling all three of us into a group hug. We stood there for a moment until a whole lot of screaming teenage girls broke the peaceful silence. "Ouch!" Ally screamed rubbing her ear. "Bloody hell! Do they have to be so loud?!" I asked. When a tall guy with brownish hair, kinda cute, and brown eyes walked through the crowd. "God damn celebrities." Tracey muttered. "Oh my god!" Ally exclaimed. "I-It's Liam Payne!" "Oh, Grow up." I said rolling my eyes. "That's Liam Payne, I'll have you know, from One Direction." Ally retorted sharply. My eyes showed a flash of recognition. Then they turned dull and unexcited. That was that stupid band Niall left me for. "I don't really care." I grumbled. "Yes you do." Ally persisted. "He's gone and he isn't coming back for me." I said through gritted teeth as I stood up to face her. "I can tell you still like Niall." Tracey said quietly. I huffed as I sat back down. "I don't really give a damn about One Direction. Okay?" I snapped. "Now boarding..." The smooth voice on the intercom spoke gently. "Bye guys." I said hugging them again. "I really will miss you loads." "Send us loads of pictures of London!" Tracey said excitedly. "And all the cute British boys!" Ally giggled. As I waited to be boarded they waved and left the airport. The university paid to have me flown here so I got first class. Yay. I settled in the comfy seat once I got settled I pulled out my iPhone and put my ear buds in. I turned on Ed Sheeran "A Team" and just stared out the window. More and more people ever so slowly streamed in picking their seats. I'm not sure, and it might've just been me, but I think everyone was kind of avoiding me. A Few minutes later I heard a small rustle next to me. I took out an earbud in one ear and I looked over as I saw none other than the famous boy band member of One Direction, Liam Payne.
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