Forever and Always

What ever happened to being best friends? Lucy and Niall were best friends until the X Factor came and ruined it. Now they're only strangers with memories... Or will Niall get Lucy to change her mind about him and get her back? I'm pretty bad at summaries. The story is a lot better… I hope...


9. I won't give up

Niall's POV
Damn. I've lost her forever. "Lucy." I pleaded. I tried to open the door again but she was leaning against it and she was surprisingly strong. "Even if you don't want me in you life, please, listen to my story at least." I said. She lightened up on the door. "When I went to the X Factor I never imagined that I would become famous and a celebrity. I never thought you'd be hurt so much when I left. And eventually I thought you wouldn't want me anymore. I would never dare to forget about you Lucy. I just wish I could've been there for you more in the past two years. I just want to say I'm really sorry and that I-I love you."
Lucy's POV
I gasped as he uttered those words. He thinks he can just waltz back into my life saying he loves me and he thinks I'll forgive him? It's doing a pretty damn good job. He started to softly sing the chorus to 'I Won't Give Up' by Jason Mraz.
"'But I won't give up on us. Even if the skies get rough. I'm giving you all my love. I'm still looking up.' Remember when we promised to be best friends forever? Well forever isn't over yet."
I opened the door all the way and he stumbled in. "Shut up you idiot." I muttered as I pulled him into a bone crushing hug. I refused to cry but tears were already starting to run down my cheeks. We hugged for what might of been ten minutes, a month or a year but I didn't even care. The whole world could've exploded except us and I wouldn't care. I didn't even notice Eleanor taking a picture and tweeting it. "Are you done?" She asked folding her arms across her chest. I blushed. "And are you an item now?" Eleanor asked again. "No." We said in unison. "Well I tweeted about it." "What?!" We asked at the same time again. I snatched Eleanor's phone out of her hand. I looked at her latest tweet. "@niallofficial with @__lucy__ !" and then there was picture of us hugging. And there were about a hundred comments saying stuff like:
"Does this mean he's taken?"
"Is that his girlfriend?"
"What. What. What."
"Ouch. Right in the feels..."
"Dafuq? You can stop now."
"Ew, what the hell?"
"I'm sorry but @__lucy__ but you need to leave."
"Why would you post that?" I asked shaking Eleanor roughly. "It's cute." She laughed. I rolled my eyes. "I'm leaving." I said turning around and walking out the door. "Can I come with?" Niall asked. "Sure why not?" I said walking down the hall. "Are you okay?" Niall asked looking at my blank absentminded face. "I'm Fine." I said," I-I just need a little bit of time to think. "So where do you want to go?" I asked but I almost knew the answer. "Nandos." We said at the same time. I grinned at him. we got to Nandos and ordered and we didn't run into any crazed fans at least. Then someone yelled "Nialler!" I turned around and saw four boys. There was Louis and Liam and I assumed the other two were Harry and Zayn. "Haz!" Niall yelled. "Hey mate." Zayn said patting him on the back. "Who's your pretty friend?" Harry asked raising his eyebrows at Niall gesturing towards me. "I'm Lucy." I said. "Hello Lucy." Zayn said sliding into the booth next to me and putting an arm around me. "Hi." I said shyly as Niall glared at him. "Don't get too comfy." Niall said looking a bit…jealous? That's cute. "Awww…." Harry laughed. "We're sitting with you now. Scooch over." Niall rolled his eyes but moved over. Soon we had six of us packed into a booth. I laughed when harry pushed Liam out of the booth complaining he was taking up too much room. When the rest of them got their food and we ate We had a competitive eating contest which of course I won. "Nialler lost in an eating contest to a girl!" Liam said shocked. I smiled wiping my mouth. Today was actually turning into a really good day.

(Hey guys! Should I call you something? Ok you're officially my narwhals! Yay!�� This is a whale close enough. So hey my little narwhals! If you don't like it DEAL WITH IT PEASANT. Ok bye! Love you! Xx.)
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