Forever and Always

What ever happened to being best friends? Lucy and Niall were best friends until the X Factor came and ruined it. Now they're only strangers with memories... Or will Niall get Lucy to change her mind about him and get her back? I'm pretty bad at summaries. The story is a lot better… I hope...


4. He found his princess

Soon our plane landed and we all boarded out. I slowly walked to were they drop luggage off. When I finally got all of my bags I fumbled with them dropped one or two and of course nearly died. Clumsy me of course. I'm such a klutz. "You need some help there?" Liam smirked. I could tell he was rather amused. "No." I said flatly. I'd prefer to not get involved with Liam. Finally I got my bags situated, and Liam just kind of watched me as I left. Because that's not creepy at all...
Liam's POV
That girl Lucy was really pretty. She definitely didn't seem to be a directioner and I don't think she frankly liked us either. When she was putting those pictures into her photo book I couldn't help but notice something that reminded me of Niall but she shut the book before I could see it properly. No Liam. I thought to myself. You do not fancy her you just met her. She was striking. Dark hair and a pale face with bright electric blue eyes. I was so caught up in my jumbled up thoughts I barely even noticed a little group of girls running up to me and asking for a picture and my autograph. Well okay maybe I fancy her just a little bit. I have to admit it a little bit. But only a little.
Lucy's POV
I took a cab to the dorms and its almost like an apartment building! It's so big! My roommate's name is Eleanor Calder and she seems really nice. "Hello!" She said when she arrived. I had got there half an hour before she did and I was starting to unpack my stuff. "I'm Eleanor!" She said. She seemed all nice and bubbly and kind. "I'm Lucy." I said putting some stuff down on my bed. "Are you new to London?" She asked " your accent isn't from around here." She said. I nodded. "I'm from Ireland actually." "Really?" She raised her eyebrows, "my boyfriends mate came from Ireland." "Who's your boyfriend?" I asked putting a pile of clothes into my dresser. "His name is Louis Tomlinson from the band One Direction." She sighed dreamily. "He's such a wonderful boyfriend and I really do love him." I forced a smile. "How nice. And which one of them is from Ireland?" I had to grit my teeth to stop me from having a freak attack but, of course, I already knew the answer to my question. "Its Niall Horan of course!" "That's nice" I said trying not to sound too pained. Eleanor nodded "so I should probably start unpacking. Wow, The dorms are a lot bigger than I expected them to be. It's like our own flat!" Eleanor laughed. "Yeah it's bigger than my room back home!" I chuckled. Eleanor tacked up a big poster of her boyfriend, you know those ones you find in those cheesy teenage girl gossip magazines. I had finally unpacked all of my clothes and put my big duvet on my bed. It was really comfy and smelled like home. I noticed a magazine poking out of Eleanor's bag. "Do you mind if I look at this?" I asked holding up the magazine. "Go ahead." She said already occupied with her other stuff. "Cheers" I said as I sat down on my duvet and began to read it. I mindlessly flipped through the pages one catching my eye. "Niall Horan+ mystery girl! Is this Irish hottie, at last, finally taken?" Something seemed to make my heart race faster and faster as I read the little article. He has a girlfriend now?
Please don't be in love with someone else. Please don't have somebody waiting on you... Oh god. Why do I feel like this? I quickly scanned the article my pulse rushing quicker and quicker every second.
"Niall Horan spotted with some mystery girl at a club on Friday after celebrating the end of the 'Up All Night' tour. Rumors are flying that this is Niall Horans new girlfriend. Has he finally found love at last? Sorry to those Niall girls out there but we think he has finally found his princess!" Then there was a picture of him and a tall brunette who was, sadly, really pretty. How would I ever be able to compete with a pretty girl like that? She looked like a freaking model or something! Then there was a caption that said 'Niall Horan and his new girlfriend at a club' these words clenched my rapidly beating heart. I knew he wouldn't have waited for me. He had moved on and I knew I should too.
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