Summer in December


1. Summer in December


I am curled, cat-like, on a gravelled floor. Sunshine strikes my face and limbs like a surge of bubbling, steaming energy. Sunlight turns my vision red, fusing my eyelids to my retinas. Sweat beads in dewy pearls upon my pinking skin as bright light seeps through my pores.
Perhaps - if I lie here for long enough - the light will penetrate my mind and chase out the darkness that lives there. Or perhaps the heat will reach my heart and warm the blood that flows cold and dead in my veins. Perhaps the sun’s energy will bring me life again.

But it doesn’t. The clouds envelop the light of the sun. Heat trickles out of my body and into the ground beneath me. The backs of my eyelids fade to black. Shivering, I stand up. My attempt at life has left me with only burnt skin and ant bites. I go back to bed.

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