Loving You


1. Loving You


A love like wild fire: fiery, passionate. Unexplained and destructive. The heat of the flame fills lungs and heart, like molten lava flooding the core of a volcano; it bubbles over with all the ferocity of a planet intent on destroying itself. Our heightened senses exult in our desperation for each other’s embrace. Your limbs and mine intertwine of their own accord, before the heart has time to be stilled by the brain. Like smoke, limbs curl around each other, before the glow of the fire has had time to enslave reason. Ephemeral promises billow from behind our teeth to remain forever ingrained in the memory tracts of our ear canals.

But the smoke that curled through the trees - as thick and fast as the blood in our veins - was just water vapour. An unpardonable falsity filmed our vision until, inevitably, the fog melted in watery tracks down scorched cheeks. When the rain stopped, clarity, in all its plainness, returned to dull the air. Our love dried before the trace of puddles had left the earth.

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