My Brother, Ed Sheeran

Reagan Sheeran is Ed Sheeran's little sister. Like Ed, Reagan is a very good singer, and a talented song writer. And unlike Ed, Reagan is definitely not famous. But when Ed invites her to stay with him and the boys, some drama mixes up.


1. Prologue *Reagan*

Reagan's P.O.V


"Reagan! Reagan! Come down here please!" My mum yells from the stairs. I sigh and place my guitar in the corner and shove my song book under my bed.


"Coming, mum!" I yell back running down stairs into the kitchen. Sitting at the table, was my mum, dad, older brother Ed, older sister Marlene, and younger brother Uriah. Uh oh, they all look serious, something is up. "What happened?" I ask carefully, avoiding my siblings' eyes.


"Sit, Reagan." Dad tells me, and I sit down in between Uriah and Ed as I wait anxiously for them to start talking. 


Did Aunt Marge have her baby? Did Uncle Harry survive the car crash? Is someone hurt? Millions of possibilities ran through my head as Dad and Mum look at each other hesitantly. 


"Reagan, we got your report card in the mail, yesterday," Mum begins lifting up a yellow envelope. Oh! That's what this is about! "We are very disappointed." 


Huh? That's strange, I think I heard her say 'disappointed'. But that can't be right! I did great this term! "Why?" I ask hesitantly. "I did very well this term." 


Marlene rolls her eyes at that and Ed smiles at me encouragingly. "Er, you did," Dad continues. "In two subjects. Art and music, those aren't very helpful in life, though." 


"What?" I cry in outrage. "Of course they are! Do you not know what career your own son is in?" This is why I'm in trouble? This? Seriously? 


"Yes," Mum consoles me looking at me with a sympathetic look. Ed grabs my hand and squeezes it, Uriah looks at me encouragingly, and Marlene snorts, "We know. But Ed got lucky, you go in that field, you'll go starving." 


"Hey!" Ed stands up and lets go of my hand. I frown, knowing what Ed will say. "Reagan is an extremely talented singer and songwriter! She would do better than me in the music field!" 


"Ed," Marlene commands smirking at me lightly. "Hush. Reagan can fight her own fights." Marlene smirks again and pulls Ed down. 


Ugh, Marlene. Surprisingly, I get along best with Ed, then Uriah. None of us are big on Marlene. She acts like she's so prefect, and she gets everything right, we're all sick of it. And, sadly, mum and dad believe her. Yet, they don't know a thing about her. All the wrong things she does remains unknown to them, like the fact that she works as a stripper and has sex like 4 times a day. 


"No, Mar," Ed refuses her stoutly and stands up again. "You don't understand. Let Reagan be a singer if she wants, she'd make a great one." 


Ed looks at mum and dad firmly and they sigh. Mum looks at me and sighs again, "It's all to risky. She should pursue useful knowledge and become a doctor," That's it. I can't take this. 


"A doctor? Are you fucking serious?" I yell, standing up. Uriah smirks at mum and dad and Ed smiles triumphantly. "Let me be what I want to be! I want to be a singer, like Ed! And if I work hard, I'll make it!" I storm and without waiting for a response, I head for the stairs. 


More than anything, anything, I wanted to be a singer. I was convinced I'd make a good one too; and no one would stop that from happening.


"Wait! Where are you going?" Marlene calls as I run up the first few steps. 


I smile tauntingly and reach the top of the stairs. "I'm leaving!" I yell back, "And no one's stopping me!" 


I grabbed my blue duffel bag from the corner and stuff all my clothes in it. All of my special pictures, souvenirs, song book, books, everything went in it as well. In another larger suitcase, I packed my instruments and all other things.


"Wait, you aren't leaving by yourself," A voice says and I whirl around to face Ed.


"Oh yeah?" I challenge him. "And who's going to stop me?" I knew I could leave. I was 18, old enough, and I had enough money to buy an apartment. 


"No one," Ed smiles mischievously, "But you're staying with One Direction and me." 


A/N Hey! I'm Jay, and I wrote this prologue! So me, and my friend Erin are co-writing this, we alternate chapters! I hope ya'll liked it! :D Comment, like, and follow! There are 4 mains girls in this, and each will get their own chapters. So that's how it's going to work! And for the other two girls, we'll be selecting characters from YOU! I will be writing Reagan's and Carter's chapters, and Erin will be writing Darcy's and Skye's chapters! Enjoy! :D

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